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  • In the latter, indeed, one is exposed to various annoyances escaped in third-class carriages.
  • Sally and I both have learned to languish and glide at the new academy in Third Street.
  • But she has a proper awe for Romanesque, and a singular interest in Third Pointed.
  • There is still standing, in Third Avenue, just above Fifty-seventh Street, a milestone.
  • The only surprising thing is that you held the lead so long as you did, and managed to come in third.
  • In their threadbare clothes they looked like the supernumeraries that represent rank and fashion at stage weddings in third-rate theatres.
  • At dawn, when the train pulled out, the thirty prisoners sat safely locked in third-class compartments.
  • He deals in third minors, and major thirds; proves a turncoat, and is often in the majority and the minority in the course of a few minutes.
  • Running for Parliament in the borough of Steyning, Sussex, in 1722, he came in third in a five-man race with nineteen votes.
  • The small confidence I have always had in third parties, especially when a matter of delicate inquiry was to be pushed, made it imperative for me to see her myself.
  • Seldom speaks of himself in third person; gradually uses "Du" in address; uses "What?" in a new way.
  • The Raleigh Inn, in Third Street, showed the story of the servant throwing water over the nobleman at the sight of smoke issuing from his mouth.
  • One half the cost of travel, and one's temper besides, may be saved by going in third-class carriages.
  • In Third Street, near Third Avenue, was situated her private residence, and near it, connected by a separate entrance, was her place of business.
  • These men were peasants from Galicia; they had come in third-class carriages, in goods waggons, travelling probably for two or three days, attached to luggage trains, across the country to the harvesting.
  • In essence the design consists of a building, having two storeys for rubber-drying, and a shallow inverted pyramidal base, ending on the ground in "Third Mile" furnace, already described and illustrated.
  • In Third Avenue, between Sixteenth and Seventeenth Streets, is an old milestone which marked the third mile from Federal Hall on the Post Road.
  • There is a close resemblance between the "bath-tub" coffins of Sumeria and the Egyptian pottery coffins of oval shape found in Third and Fourth Dynasty tombs in rock chambers near Nuerat.
  • He was, while yet a boy, placed for a time in a grocery store, and subsequently was employed by Lewis W. Glenn, a perfumer, whose place of business was then in Third street above Walnut.
  • On July 13th, 1863, at 40th Street and Fourth Avenue, while the firemen were at work in Third Avenue, he ascended a shanty which stood opposite the burning ruins.
  • Being a Course of Exercises for the use of Students in Architectural and Engineering Drawing, and for Candidates preparing for the Examinations in this subject and in Third Grade Perspective.
  • At all events they carried a passport to indifference in the fact that they all wanted something, and it was clear to the meanest intelligence that they appeared to be more magnificent than they were, visions in dazzling complexions and long kid gloves, rattling up in third-class ticca-gharries, with a wisp of fodder clinging to their skirts.
  • Sometimes, where the supports of the main arcade are really piers, they are built like circular shafts of large size; and even when they have no capital (as was the case in third-pointed examples), these piers still retain much of the air of solid strength which belongs to the column, and which the French architects appear to have valued highly.
  • After three and a half hours of deck-pacing on the steamer, and twenty-two hours of sitting up straight in third-class wooden seats, I made the naval base; and late at night though it was, there was a British naval officer at the hotel to let me know I was to report next morning to the British admiral in charge.
  • The real bread of life to Jimmie is the New York Stock Exchange; but being on the verge of a nervous breakdown, he brought his fine steel-wire will to bear upon his recreation with as much nervous force as he ever expended in a deal in Third Avenue or Union Pacific.
  • Manchester men, of the class who run at the aristocracy, the army, and the navy just as a bull runs at a red rag, will perhaps be very angry at our saying this; but we speak as we have found mobs at fires, and chatty fustian jackets in third class trains on the Lancashire and Yorkshire line; and, although a friend protests against the opinion, we still think that the ordinary Manchester millhand looks on his employer with about the same feelings that Mr. John Bright regards a colonel in the guards.
  • My second in land, but not in sea; My third is in orange, but not in seed; My fourth is in plants, but not in weed; My fifth is in first, but not in third; My sixth is in mouse, but not in bird;
  • As a rule only such colonists as came in third class on ships from Europe are listed.[37]
  • To which are added,| American Independence,| an | everlasting deliverance | from | British Tyranny: | a Poem.| Philadelphia: | Printed, by Robert Bell, in Third-Street.| M DCC LXXVIII.| 12mo.
  • "May 13.--Lucy, I made a speech in third year rhetoric to-day and the teacher kept me after class.
  • [Illustration] "Ring the bell and the door will open," is the remark made by a small label over a bell-handle in Third avenue, near Eighteenth street, where Mme.

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  • Reverse the movement as in third form.
  • I came in third place about three feet behind the winner
  • Printed, by Robert Bell, in Third-Street.| M DCC LXXVIII.|
  • "Sale goin' on in third room, right, ladies; have a catalogue?"

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