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  • This too is an inaccurate opinion.
  • Leading questions always collect inaccurate information.
  • There is, of course, every chance for inaccurate entry.
  • The recent work of Irle is inaccurate and confused.
  • How she is wrote by the Inaccurate 9 II.
  • Coke (Lord Chief Justice) an inaccurate man, 101.
  • It is possible from all this to draw a most inaccurate conclusion.
  • But that it is inaccurate and unfair has been admitted even by French critics.

How To Use Inaccurate In A Sentence?

  • For indeed of how much beyond itself is accurate or inaccurate spelling the certain indication.
  • That man would never waste his time with collecting inaccurate information from nurse or patient.
  • And however slow or inaccurate he may be, he can hardly help earning the wages that he receives.
  • Moreover, inaccurate as Hugo often is, it is never the inaccuracy that falsifies.
  • This but renders the name "Military" Management for the old type more inaccurate and misleading.
  • So many players are inaccurate with this important stroke simply because their sole ambition is to make it end the rest.
  • Albeit, the errors of these charts are far more suggestive of deliberate distortion than, of inaccurate charting.
  • A rhyme to the eye is a sorry thing at best, and it is sorriest when it depends on an inaccurate and evanescent orthography.
  • Also, my matriculation book, which is in this house, is very inaccurate and incomplete for the earlier years.
  • The rules applicable have, to use the very inaccurate expression sometimes employed, become more elastic.
  • He is widely credited with the invention of divisionistic methods; but in this conclusion an inaccurate syllogism has played havoc with the facts.
  • He will say that this is a case of slight functional disturbance, of an inaccurate psychic act whose causal factors can be outlined.
  • And our knowledge of the subject will not be vague, inaccurate and fleeting, but it will be concise, accurate and permanent.
  • The probable explanation is that in the one place he copied a skilled observer; in the other, he trusted to his own inaccurate memory.
  • It is useless to go through all the particulars, besides sleep, in which people have a peculiar talent for gleaning inaccurate information.
  • It is therefore not inaccurate to represent productivity as forming the maximum wage, though we may have no exact measure of productivity at hand.
  • It is called the "wolf," from the howling of its beats when the tuner has been inaccurate or the piano fails to stand.
  • The morning papers will notice our advent, with a brief account of the voyage, and will give exceedingly inaccurate lists of our passengers.
  • The pragmatist would, then, conclude that the watch which was always inaccurate gave truer results than the one which was sometimes accurate.
  • He reported exactly what he saw, and was thereupon denounced as not only being an inaccurate person but obviously pro-German.
  • But she knew that rumor was only the attenuated ghost of Ananias, doomed forever to remain on earth for the propagation of inaccurate whispers.
  • And the misconception of the meaning of an important word is as certain to lead to an inaccurate concept as is the misstatement of a premise to precede a false conclusion.
  • Numerous circumstances might be related demonstrating how very inaccurate and undetermined was the local time used in many cities in this country before the recent change.
  • Children can not fail to be interested in such exercises; and even where they have been careless and inaccurate observers, they will soon become more watchful and exact.
  • As there are many inaccurate instruments in the market, it is necessary to go to a reputable maker, because an unreliable lactometer is worse than useless.
  • While he had imbibed much of the deistic spirit of the middle of the eighteenth century it would be inaccurate to infer that he was not fundamentally a Christian.
  • It is to be regretted that the main points were inaccurate and apocryphal, the collateral details gratuitous improvisations, introduced for the sake of local color.
  • Fortunately for the fairy, who at the moment was too much astonished to move, his aim was rendered inaccurate by his excitement, and the missiles flew wide.
  • Yet, to the psychologist, all present measurement in Scientific Management must appear coarse, inaccurate and of immediate and passing value only.
  • Of what will be their probable value in ten years more, it may enable us to form no very inaccurate estimate, by referring to what it was ten years back.
  • Without interest in the work and without any particular pressure for its performance, he dreamed over it, and often awoke from his reveries to find his figures inaccurate and his sentences meaningless.
  • A partial and inaccurate description of Dodge was given him and he was warned to use extreme caution to prevent any knowledge of his mission from being made known.

Definition of Inaccurate

Mistaken or incorrect; not accurate.
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