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  • Yes; but that was inalienable from his nature.
  • Yes; but this was inalienable from life.
  • They are founded upon the inalienable rights of man.
  • Yes; but these were perhaps inalienable also.
  • It is, I repeat, their inalienable right.
  • Ignorance is the pauper's inalienable heritage.
  • Once taken, the name is generic, inalienable and untransferable.
  • Woman holds as an inalienable right, in this country, the privilege of choice.

How To Use Inalienable In A Sentence?

  • The inalienable rights of personality must be recognized and their sanctity remain inviolable.
  • Of all the acts of sovereignty, the most inalienable is the making of peace and war.
  • His sanctity was still a valuable and, unless he chose otherwise, an inalienable asset.
  • God could not endow him with sinlessness, which is an inalienable portion of Divine perfection.
  • He will not relinquish His inalienable claim and He will have nothing essential left out.
  • To interfere with this inalienable prerogative of a freeman would be an infringement on private rights.
  • By a special provision of our constitution it is the inalienable right of all unmarried women to be under twenty-five.
  • Through every page of his book there shines the determined belief in the inalienable rights of the individual.
  • He delivers up to the mobile will of the crowd the eternal laws of justice and the inalienable rights of the person.
  • Do you believe in the inalienable right of self-preservation of the people against the exercise of arbitrary and unlicensed power?
  • Do you believe in the inalienable right of self-preservation of the people against the ex- ercise of arbitrary and unlicensed power?
  • There are no individual rights which can prevail against the inalienable right of Society to protect itself.
  • These parliamentary laws should be voted or bulleted out of the statute books, and the people again inherit their inalienable rights.
  • I acknowledge your right to put aside your life if it bores you; man has at least that one inalienable right.
  • A loyal and universal faith would not only acknowledge the whole world to be the creation of the gods, but also their inalienable domain.
  • At present, according to the popular usage, this word has some fantastic inalienable connection with controversial theology.
  • The inalienable right of a physician to refuse to disclose confidences respecting a patient applied even to idiots, imbecile and morons.
  • Does not the Declaration of Independence say that every man has an inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness?
  • It was not only un-Masterly but illegal; estates were all entailed and the inalienable property of Masterly families.
  • One of their most persistent and determined efforts was to deprive the steel workers of their supposedly inalienable right to meet and talk together.
  • That this conference recommend to our respective organizations to request each of its members to employ such workmen only who recognize the inalienable rights as above set forth.
  • One privilege had been always kept inviolate at the Double-Crank, until it had come to be looked upon as an inalienable right.
  • These are inalienable rights belonging alike to every individual, subject only to the limitation that they are not permitted to encroach upon the rights of others.
  • Despite her proud profession of faith the insistent longing for happiness, which is the inalienable share of youth, knocked at the portals of her heart.
  • At the time of elections the right to vote is the inalienable right of women, and the entrance of women into all human departments is an irrefutable and incontrovertible question.
  • All such land was legally indivisible and inalienable and descended in its entirety to the successor, who might, or might not, be a relative of the occupant.
  • It must be remembered, too, that this system of competition is in accordance with the sense of inalienable personal rights which is implanted in the breast of every man.
  • It is the inalienable right of the free-born American citizen to relieve his indignation by taking his children from school, and by stopping his newspaper.
  • She felt sure that speedy marriage was an inalienable right that went with American citizenship together with the privilege of getting divorced whenever one cared to.
  • Nevertheless the space, which was not longer than a few seconds by the clock, gave him time to remember that as his mother's and his sisters' incomes were inalienable he was by so much the more free.

Definition of Inalienable

Incapable of being alienated, surrendered, or transferred to another; not alienable. | (grammar) Of or pertaining to a noun belonging to a special class in which the possessive construction differs from the norm, especially for particular familial relationships and body parts.
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