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  • Harold gave his inane giggle.
  • It seems almost inane to say ...
  • Quid facit ad vestrum pondus inane meum?
  • His inane love of solitary mooning....
  • There has been too much bickering and too much inane politics.
  • Suppose each one of us were to be haunted by his own inane utterances?
  • Absque loco motuque NIHIL per inane vagatur.
  • She didn't giggle and ask inane questions.
  • An inane desire for originality in such matters is wholly to be discouraged.
  • The earth lay almost in its nakedness beneath the inane dome of the sky.
  • Their inane anecdotes, their pointless observations are positively courted.
  • Iam uero quam sit inane quam futtile nobilitatis nomen, quis non uideat?

How To Use Inane In A Sentence?

  • And tittle-tattle, senseless talk, inane remarks, were wafted on the grimy wings of the fog.
  • So presently Jean began to feel silly, and the joke lost its point and seemed inane and weak.
  • That there are weights exact to gauge her by, That inane ether, only, rounds the sky.
  • I have worn an inane smile all day, and when I tried to read my Plato, it merely bored me.
  • He was listening to the pretty woman's inane chatter, hardly aware of what she said.
  • Brassin used to draw inane caricatures of himself, which he would present to us with a triumphant laugh of immoderate calibre.
  • I stood at the street-door watching and waiting, and nodding to people who passed by, and who simpered at me in the most inane fashion.
  • It was a tiny thing to tell a woman whose horizon was bounded by coffee pots, spotted wrappers, and inane movies.
  • Nam si te hoc inane nomen fortuitae felicitatis mouet, quam pluribus maximisque abundes mecum reputes licet.
  • Wollaston said something, and Maria laughed an inane little giggle which was still musical, and trilled through the car.
  • The sort of talk I heard in village bar-rooms was inane and contemptible to the last degree, and it never once touched on politics.
  • Next came presentation to Serenissimus, a very big, very grand old gentleman, who was always urbanely inane except when he was inanely urbane.
  • Of all the more or less inane phases of entertainment devised by society with a view to doing its duty by its acquaintance, the garden party is not far from being the most tiresome.
  • True, much of the material on the Web is inane or insane, confused, badly written, tendentious, and inaccurate.
  • The mother mildly amused him, for he could discern the character that she was sedulously striving to batten down beneath inane social usages and formalities.
  • Of clawed wild beasts featured with female faces, And realmless kings inane whose stony eyes Have watched the hour-glass of the centuries.

Definition of Inane

Lacking sense or meaning (often to the point of boredom or annoyance) | Purposeless; pointless | That which is void or empty.

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