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How To Use Inasmuch In A Sentence?

  • The psychotherapist wants to produce effects inasmuch as he wants to cure disease.
  • Adultery is an evil only inasmuch as it is a theft; but we do not steal that which is given to us.
  • At last his perseverance was rewarded, inasmuch as he heard that it was to be bought.
  • This being deserves a few lines here, inasmuch as it has now faded from the popular superstitions.
  • For inasmuch as ye are perfect yourselves, you ought to think those things that are perfect.
  • But all the guests, inasmuch as they were eating away from home, had to be more particular.
  • The result would be without value anyhow, inasmuch as our appreciation is relative.
  • A knight loved a lady who could not accept his vows inasmuch as she loved some one else.
  • Well, that was of interest to me inasmuch as the loan, if made, will affect my country.
  • Shame, too, inasmuch as it is a kind of sorrow, does not belong to the service of reason.
  • Desmond, on the other hand, was also like his father, inasmuch as his tastes were catholic.
  • And inasmuch as the marshal recognized Barbara as his princess, he had of necessity to obey.
  • Iacchos was always regarded as a child of Demeter, inasmuch as the vine grows out of the earth.
  • I scarcely know what made you ask, inasmuch as I had said nothing to excite your curiosity.
  • These two men we will account our best Priests, inasmuch as they were our best Reformers.
  • Hence, I am perfectly saved, inasmuch as the glory of God is involved in my salvation.
  • Mr. Brice was a Yankee and no gentleman, inasmuch as he had overbid a lady for Hester.
  • That has been refused him, inasmuch as there is nothing here for which or with which to add that expense.
  • To produce thoughts and to analyze them is the same thing inasmuch as both actions are functions of the brain.
  • The protracted suspension of my captives is all the more remarkable inasmuch as it is not at all an innate habit of their race.
  • Every psychical disturbance is organic inasmuch as it is based on a molecular change which deranges the function.
  • Wherefore your arrival is the more agreeable to me, inasmuch as it has already been foreseen from the signification of the stars.
  • He differed from the others of this name inasmuch as he did not make for others but employed others to make for him.
  • Burgess asked my friend what he was arrested for, and my friend referred to me inasmuch as he himself did not know.
  • The class should be composed of parents and other adults, inasmuch as the work is designed for them.
  • Woman plays the more important part in the consummation of this duty inasmuch as she is the origin and depository of the future being.
  • This people need no weapons of destruction, inasmuch as they have girded themselves to reconstruct the world.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Inasmuch | Inasmuch Sentence

  • I kindle, inasmuch as I am like it.
  • What! is Nature only mighty inasmuch as you can see?
  • Her salon, inasmuch as the salon of Mme.
  • I hope not deceitful, inasmuch as I now reveal my cunning.
  • One man is no more than another, only inasmuch as he does more than another.
  • They considered that inasmuch as he was wounded, he was entitled to the bed.
  • This was puzzling, inasmuch as he was near the place where he had left her.
  • He meant to say, they were poetical inasmuch as they were creations.
  • But her own error had been greater, inasmuch as it was spiritual entirely.
  • I boldly complained of my poverty, inasmuch as it deterred me from my work.
  • This signet must have belonged to the duke, inasmuch as it bore his motto.
  • The whole universe lives in it, inasmuch as it sees, inasmuch as it reflects.
  • It was a big miracle inasmuch as it proved the Dream a truth, a great truth.

Definition of Inasmuch

(obsolete) In like degree; in like manner; to the same or similar degree; likewise. [14th c.]
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