Inauspicious In A Sentence

How To Use Inauspicious In A Sentence?

  • Ted, feeling he had made rather an inauspicious beginning, suddenly became lamb-like.
  • Li Ching withdrew to an adjoining room, uneasy at what seemed to be inauspicious omens.
  • And shake the yoke of inauspicious stars From this world-wearied flesh; eyes, look your last!
  • The prince, from that inauspicious start, became the infatuated slave of Madame Recamier.
  • His extreme carelesness about his dress was a circumstance very inauspicious to a man who lives in that city.
  • The rising tumult of the insurrection reached the ears of the deputies; each minute some inauspicious news arrived.
  • Alarmed and unhappy, Lady Percy wearied her daughter with inquiries as to the cause of this inauspicious change; but in vain.
  • The Queen gave me this inauspicious curiosity, desiring me to preserve it, as it would be a curious illustration of the history of the Revolution.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Inauspicious | Inauspicious Sentence

  • Thine inauspicious burial brings them woe.
  • I entered Lao-ya-kwan under an inauspicious star.
  • Now and then the gusts ceased, and there was an inauspicious calm.
  • The room itself was a cheerless one to return to at this inauspicious hour.
  • I shall be lifelong imprisoned for the inauspicious event of this evening.
  • Into this inauspicious apartment was I conducted by my strange companions.
  • At this rather inauspicious moment her eye caught Pitt's.

Definition of Inauspicious

Not auspicious; ill-omened
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