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  • Glaucon shook incense over the brazier.
  • To breathe the incense of those slumbering roses?
  • I scatter fragrant incense in the flame.
  • Their perfume hung heavy as incense in the temple.
  • Fumes of incense mix with the scent of strong perfumes.
  • No sweeter incense than this, ever ascends to heaven.
  • Wreathed shall with incense be Thy sharp-thorned may.
  • Rise, like a cloud of incense from the Earth!
  • By this time the effect of the incense had very largely passed from me.
  • It is better than temple incense and all the breath of gardens in the spring!
  • He bowed before this idol, and poured out all the incense of his heart.
  • A cloud of delicate incense seemed to envelop them as their lips met.
  • He detected the acrid and pleasing odor of incense as he crossed the room.
  • But probably there was more in the occasion to incense Judas.
  • Sweet smells and incense are often perceived, bad odors much less frequently.
  • Here the incense tree (of which you see a small branch in the picture) grows.
  • Yet I did not despair, and kept on burning my incense at her feet.
  • San; burn a stick of incense for O'Tama.
  • The present incense country is southern Arabia, especially Hadramaut.
  • One chorus let all Being raise, All Nature incense rise!

How To Use Incense In A Sentence?

  • I was drawn by the agreeable odor of the incense to the paling of the high altar.
  • It is more natural for man to receive incense at least passively, and endeavor to deserve it.
  • The sacristan put out the candles, and the smoke from them rose like incense into the air.
  • In one corner stood a vase, from which poured the incense of smoking joss-sticks.
  • What availeth that solemn music, that noble chanting, that incense of sweet savour?
  • The incense pot was very old, of black lacquer and brass, greened with blotches of erosion.
  • A girl with eyes like dewy violets was his Diana, and to her his incense was offered.
  • Oh, then, on the breath of this early air Send upward the incense of grateful prayer.
  • Then the dim, flickering light and the incense of the tobacco accomplished their transmogrification.
  • An altar containing tapers and incense sticks is erected in the spot where the manifestations are most frequent.
  • It is not the transient breath of poetic incense that women want; each can receive that from a lover.
  • The provincial imagination was set upon a throne and worshipped heavily through incense of the stupidest conventions possible.
  • All the windows were thrown open, and clouds of invisible incense from the flowers without sweetened the fusty rooms.
  • At his head is an elevated cross, and above is a tabernacle or chapel, from the roof of which depend two incense pots.
  • He advised Korah with his associates to appear with their censers full of incense to stand the trial.
  • There was a funny smell too, like incense of something sickly, and a man's voice kept chiming in.
  • In each corner of the four-square cave there was a brazier of bronze, and from each rose incense smoke, straight upward.
  • Two little round holes, walled in with mud, are dug near the rear of the lodge to hold incense smudges.
  • Richard was himself again as he uttered this speech, lying well back in his chair, and sending a thin cloud of incense from the angle of his mouth.
  • In short, any kind of genius was accommodated with an aureole, and she was fully persuaded that gifted immortals lived on incense and light.

Definition of Incense

(transitive) To anger or infuriate. | (archaic) To incite, stimulate. | (transitive) To offer incense to.
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