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  • These are sure symptoms of the incipient fever which shortly will rage through the system.
  • This force proved enough to stop any incipient uprisings in that part of the state.
  • The borderland cases and the incipient mild forms alone allow the hope of a cure.
  • Much contest and debate divided the stage of incipient evil from the stage of confessed grievance.
  • In this view, hallucination is evidence of mental derangement and incipient insanity.
  • Yet the ribald farces still abound, and are even stimulated by the incipient religious reform.
  • My friend asked for its removal before the second course, complaining of incipient snow-blindness.
  • One patrolman can stop 100 incipient fires easier than 100 men can stop one big fire.
  • The very music had an air of incipient petrification, if I can speak so about sounds.
  • His hair clung to his brow, his breath came quickly, his face was flushed with incipient fever.
  • An incipient moustache shaded his upper lip, and gave manhood to the strong, firm mouth.
  • And a dark gleam, partly of pain, partly of incipient loyalty, crossed his face.
  • It is less grotesque and humorous, and it smacks of incipient Puritanism in several flavors.
  • I have elsewhere stated that, twenty-three years ago, I had incipient phthisis.
  • Into this incipient ferment there was presently injected the dynamic personality of Djemal-ed-Din.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Incipient | Incipient Sentence

  • His was an incipient misanthropy.
  • He had become an incipient demoniac.
  • Put a stop to this incipient smuggling.
  • Have you ever had incipient concussion of the brain?
  • It was now the season of incipient preparation for dinner.
  • Evidently the incipient feud was a thing of the past.
  • This painter was far from incipient insanity.
  • I felt an incipient revolution brewing in my mind.
  • I have an incipient liking for this young Alonzo.
  • We see Thee in bursting bud and incipient bloom.
  • Cement-glands, incipient in larva, 24, 34.
  • The artist is an incipient introvert who is not far from being a neurotic.
  • It may here prevent an incipient abuse from growing into a custom.
  • What if this unseemly good-humour was due to incipient intoxication?
  • But this feeling was not strong enough to stifle the incipient passion.
  • All birds are incipient or would-be songsters in the spring.
  • The trees were red and brown and yellow in their incipient leafage.
  • An incipient laugh would doubtless have been punished by immediate execution.
  • He, too, was found to be suffering from incipient tuberculosis.
  • They don't all know that they're being treated for incipient criminality.
  • Humanity has shrunk to the dimensions of an incipient Christendom.
  • It was the same disease, in an incipient form, of which my poor mother died.
  • Not so, however, with the first timid bud of incipient interest.
  • We shall presently see, that these gut-formed masses are the incipient ovaria.
  • Irritation of the lungs; probably, indeed most certainly, incipient phthisis.

Definition of Incipient

In an initial stage; beginning, starting, coming into existence. | (countable, obsolete) beginner | (uncountable, grammar) A verb tense of the Hebrew language.
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