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  • What does it incite the intellect to do?
  • This would only be to incite a servile insurrection.
  • Many incite to murder without knowing it.
  • Go, now, incite the favored wight!
  • McKee in his speech to them did not incite them to war.
  • SmÃ¥land, Gustavus seeks to incite the people of, 75.
  • That you sympathize with these agitators who incite class against class!
  • Such images rather obstruct the career of fancy than incite it.
  • You blame them just enough to incite people to buy their books.
  • Will it incite men to virtues to which heaven could not incite them?
  • To incite another, to devote one's self to.
  • What measures did Moses take to incite the Israelites to action?

How To Use Incite In A Sentence?

  • It was my wish upon that occasion to incite you to pursue the higher excellences of the art.
  • But there was one evil-minded individual who tried to incite the others to rebellion.
  • As they came tripping forward their leaders addressed them from time to time to incite their zeal.
  • How often may such stimuli incite the sleeper to dream without his knowing of them afterward?
  • If you consider them attentively, all our songs incite to virtue and condemn vice.
  • His body was neglected in order to make him angry, so to incite him to vengeance.
  • The cries of children and infirm persons incite them, as the rabble does when dogs fight.
  • Astor did not debauch, spoliate, and incite slaughter because he took pleasure in doing them.
  • It is one thing to entertain the idea of a crime hypothetically, and even to incite to the deed.
  • In justice to the police, it ought to be said, neither did they incite disorder.
  • But, instead of that, they incite our advances by their glances, their allurements!
  • Dreams and talk of war may incite to war, but they may also satisfy the desire and need of war.
  • It needed no eloquent speech to incite the men of Orleans to deeds of valor and of vengeance.
  • It does not incite to war, but, instead, appeals to the highest principles of justice and right.
  • Can any woman, or any man, seen exactly as they are, incite a love which is kindred to worship?
  • Failure of the Duchesse de Berry to incite rebellion against the rule of Louis Philippe.
  • His modern means were the outgrowth of his understanding of colour in its capacity to incite emotion.
  • As soon as she grew to know the peasants she commenced to preach to them and to incite them to revolution.
  • It is ungenerous to urge her or incite her horse to a faster gait than she feels competent to undertake.
  • Hence they affected to believe that the papers sent to the masters were intended to incite the slaves to insurrection.
  • They ain't nothing about water to incite you to keep swallowing when you have enough.
  • The contention that the honor of direction and the applause of the multitude would incite to the necessary competition is not sound.
  • It is with a desire to stimulate thought and incite to action that the present volume has been prepared for every music lover.
  • Probably there is no better way to incite a ferocious bully than to tell him that his opponent is weak, unprepared and afraid.
  • At last, he grew so moody and sullen that many persons feared that he would incite the negroes to a mutiny.
  • From the last sentence it is evident that the Belgian authorities did not incite the civilian population to resistance.
  • Now that the Protestants were becoming organized, it was not so necessary to incite them to public worship.
  • She knew Olympia well enough to know that this vague story would only incite her to further inquiry.

Definition of Incite

(transitive) To stir up or excite; to rouse or goad into action.
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