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  • He incited audiences to riot.
  • He is doing, what others are by imitation incited to do.
  • Thereupon Cairbre incited a dog to attack Patrick.
  • They incited the dragonnades of Louis XIV.
  • From the very first we are incited to expect his appearance.
  • This reflection once more set me on my feet and incited my exertions.
  • That map incited the preparation of the present article.
  • Who incited the crew to keep from taking this ship into space?
  • Dollard's renewed request incited no action.
  • Then are we moved, indeed, and incited to seek virtue with true desire.
  • Yankee twang" and "Southern drawl" incited as well as echoed hostility.

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  • They have incited the slaves to deeds for which they have been cruelly punished.
  • He felt incited to address larger audiences than any which had hitherto listened to him.
  • My indignation at the personal outrage of the impending mob incited me as them ...
  • The bigots who incited that crime had studied well the principles of successful warfare.
  • Jackson, I perceived, drank considerably, as if incited thereto by compressed savageness.
  • She now moved against Turkey, where the Sultan Mahmoud had incited his people to a holy war.
  • The Staff was frightened; incited by "Allied" officers, it entered the path of opposition.
  • I came of my own initiative, having read in various papers things which incited me to come to this determination.
  • As soon as they incited him to come on, he rushed up with a courage and speed that set the public wild.
  • To be sure, has she not incited violence even before her birth, and will she not continue to do so beyond death?
  • As he said this to himself, he wagged his tail, and gave a sly look at his friend who had incited him.
  • He moved uneasily in his saddle, but presently the golden peace that incited the memory worked its own remedy.
  • Cupidity inhumanity, and the gratification of the animal passions and propensities, have incited slaveholders to the worst of crimes.
  • It was you who turned her mind against me, and incited her to unhappiness in the home I had given her.
  • What made him so sanguine and so calm, and incited him to take her suddenly into his confidences, and urged him on to resistless curiosity?
  • Corneille fell in love, and was thus incited to pour out his feelings in verse, developing rapidly into a poet and dramatist.
  • Being fond of sport, he proposed to have a course, and a hare being started, he incited the hounds to run.
  • The bank and the staff became a machine and the parts thereof, as if incited to action by the combustion of certain gas-mixtures in the place.
  • They incited the people to rebellion against their lawful government and spied out and persecuted those who would no longer submit to the Pope.
  • They had got nothing by their constancy; and in six months, when they were again incited to the poll, they shook their heads and abstained.
  • The incendiary torch would be placed in the hands of the negroes, and they should be incited to burn, steal, and ravish!
  • There was Adam who had morbidly incited him to a notebook, a damnable, pervasive notebook which he tried in vain to ignore.
  • Perhaps they were incited to this by those traders who brought the European goods I mentioned amongst us.
  • To this England was incited by the bitter memories of the Revolutionary war and her opposition to rivalry as mistress of the seas.
  • It was Mr. Ainslie who first incited the settlers to exert themselves in the erection of a suitable place for worship.
  • The people of one village had been incited to kill us on our return; but God guided us to return by another way, and so we escaped.
  • Add to this, that other races in their efforts to emerge from barbarism, were aided and incited by the example of races which had preceded them on the same road.
  • He had been incited to deeds of valour in the classroom only by the grim determination not to disgrace the family traditions or the scholarly ancestors to whom he had often been pointed back.
  • It could not be shown that Jacob Simmons had directly incited the boys to commit the robbery, though he was unquestionably the cause of it.

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simple past tense and past participle of incite
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