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  • To be sure, hope is in general the incitement to action.
  • The thought of being seen from shore was almost incitement enough for murder.
  • God is our continual incitement because we are His children.
  • There might, then, have been some incitement to new living, new experience.

How To Use Incitement In A Sentence?

  • The most powerful incitement to this kind of change in ordinary life is that given by religion.
  • The example of the Therapeut√¶ was an incitement to a solitary and mortified life.
  • Nor had Alcala the incitement of passion to impel him onwards in his perilous career.
  • All through his life he was a beacon and an incitement to those who wished to make a good use of their lives.
  • We could have wished that there had not been so much excitement of needless fears and incitement of useless outcry.
  • We shall perceive in this quiescence and obscurity only another cause of regret and another incitement to exertion.
  • The goal which had proved the incitement to so many sacrifices during a long period of our history was now reached at last.
  • Literary criticism is in its nature largely an incitement to enter, a hint of the treasures that are to be found within.
  • Emotion has some ground, some incitement which calls it forth; and it responds with most energy to beauty.
  • Moreover, he could use the hurt pride of Alvarez as an additional incitement against the five whom he hated.
  • At the outset of life, they are tended by their mother, owing directly to her their food and clothes, their lullaby and their incitement to play.
  • But dissimulation on the side of the woman is not, I am sure, a true or necessary incitement to love.
  • The men required no incitement to induce them to attempt escaping, although there was but little fault to find with the provisions which had been sent them.
  • I really thought that by entirely complying with her wishes, it might have been an incitement to her to improve, and to acknowledge my complete unselfishness.
  • Europe to-day lies debilitated and uncured, while Asia and Africa see in this a standing incitement to rash dreams and violent action.
  • The more Mrs. Eberstein studied her new acquisition, however, the more incitement to study she found. .
  • One can readily imagine how quickly the wheels of justice would have whirled and how speedily the editor would have been clapped into jail were such an incitement to murder printed in a labor journal.
  • Not only does the campaign of violence date from the change in the tone of the Press, but specific outbursts of incitement have been followed by specific outrages.
  • And here we may note the incitement towards autobiography common to gifted men, which would seem to arise from the same psychological condition which forces women so strongly to self-revelations.
  • It is an important point to observe that most if not all of the specific instinctive reactions and feelings engendered in war, or occurring as an incitement to war, are capable of inducing ecstatic states.
  • The black troops stationed in Georgia were frequently guilty of gross outrages against white citizens and were a constant incitement to violence on the part of their fellow blacks.

Definition of Incitement

A call to act; encouragement to act, often in an illegal fashion.
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