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  • But it was an inciting suggestion.
  • It was the inciting cause of the Black Hawk War.
  • Curiosity rather than neighborliness was the inciting cause.
  • Such a wish can very often be shown to be the inciting cause of the dream.
  • Here he went from house to house, inciting the peasantry to rebel.
  • He strode through the forests like a giant, inciting the tribes to war.
  • It had the effect of inciting Mr. Charles Lewis to further action.
  • I won't accuse him, as the world does, of inciting me to drink and gambling.

How To Use Inciting In A Sentence?

  • Sam Brannan started to say something, but was promptly arrested for inciting riot.
  • The virtuously indignant maintain their power by constantly inciting and feeding this appetite for destruction.
  • The inciting part are the adventures that happened to the men who went along the road marked in red.
  • It is true that faecal matters are often accompanied by the inciting agent of the propagation of infectious diseases.
  • And he bore cases against the peasants for the keeping back from him of dues and taxes, and for inciting his enemies to strife against him.
  • Melchtal, the village patriarch, is accused by him of inciting the people to insubordination, and is put to death.
  • The only effective way to stop it is to remove its inciting cause, the variable wage rates paid by different yards in the same competitive region.
  • They spoke of the lawyers, and the calculated period of the trial; of the husband too, in his inciting belief in the falseness of his wife.
  • The socialist, for instance, is charged with inciting the people, with promising more than he can keep and with sowing strife in the hearts of men.
  • They were at the same time securing alliances with the Indians and inciting them to hostilities against the English.
  • Replete with information, alive with adventure, and inciting patriotism at every step, this handsome book is one to be instantly appreciated.
  • What can be more useful, or holier, than inciting the reader to beware of pretension in speech, in morals, in politics, and in piety?
  • His acts inciting the movement of those black serfs are not forgotten, however, by the white chivalry of Grimes county.
  • Must we assume that there is some ground for suspecting that Austria-Hungary was inciting Bulgaria to war?
  • This vehement lament aroused Gustavus to the gravity of his position, particularly as he learned that Sunnanväder was inciting the people to rebel.
  • For he was as an eagle inciting its young to fly, in respect to sublimity of contemplation; but he lived as the least of them in brotherly humility.
  • But young men have not only this frivolous ambition of being thought masterly inciting them on one hand, but also their natural sloth tempting them on the other.
  • Father has been reading the most beautiful inciting things about a saint called John, who wrote a story about the New Jerusalem.
  • The Government would have had a clear case of inciting to open rebellion against Tesimond if they had caught him, but he escaped to Flanders.
  • Without fear of exaggeration it is safe to say its policy was successful in inciting thousands of restless negroes to venture north, where they were assured of its protection and the championship of their cause.
  • Along came the election funds of the traders, landholders and bankers to corrupt these men still further by the buying of their votes and the inciting of them to commit the crime of repeating at the polls.
  • It was evident that the Shawnee war leader was deliberately inciting them to scorn the warning of Many Beavers and take vengeance upon their foes.
  • In the meanwhile they made friends with his men, sowed discontent amongst them, and succeeded in inciting them to make a raid for food on the natives in the next village.
  • The somnolence dulled all the cells of the brain save one and that one cell, vehemently active, was inciting her to some effort, though to what she did not know.
  • A pilgrimage of inflammatory speakers and demagogues commenced to visit the ranks of the Russians, inciting them to revolt against all authority and to drive away their officers.

Definition of Inciting

present participle of incite
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