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  • But why not include the whole earth?
  • The less cannot include the greater.
  • Oh, it was to include the wives and so on.
  • First of all, why include the shells?
  • This does not include the supply in retail stores.
  • This last with a wave of his arm to include the universe.
  • Yes, you would better include the slippers.
  • Not to include the ice-cream, even.
  • They include the most important Biblical passages.
  • This, however, did not include the Faithfuls.
  • Invitations received by the hostess should include the guest.
  • This does not include the smallest reverence for their ancestor.
  • It is objected that we propose only to include the more powerful nations.
  • Part of my route happened to include the neighborhood of the sanctum.
  • Does not the former and greater include the latter and less?
  • Draw a plan to include the school and the place to be visited.
  • She waved her hand to include the dancing throng before them.
  • He waved his hand to include the listening group and smiled.
  • This statement will include the essential elements of information desired.
  • And all this did not include the dozens and dozens of nets of narrower mesh.
  • This did not include the amount that might be made by overtime work.
  • These centuries include the second period of their academic history.
  • The card for the lady may be folded so as to include the family.
  • The results also include the major influence that the project has had.
  • The domestic animals include the camel and the water-buffalo.
  • The glance seemed to include the outer prospect as well as the inner.
  • A brief reply to this question would include the following points.
  • This does not include the public schools, which are under another organization.
  • These four classes include the greater number of the solvents of pyroxyline.
  • Be sure that the "case" selected will include the principles to be taught.

How To Use Include The In A Sentence?

  • All plans of education should include the communication of the highest knowledge.
  • To be sure these massacres did not include the helpless inhabitants of the towns.
  • The series will aim to include the best representatives of each of these classes of expression.
  • Therefore the union of all such churches in one federation would not include the whole family.
  • His eyes swept the compartment to include the others in the too evident geniality of their glance.
  • The word is often extended so as to include the soldiers as well as the leader of a company.
  • They also own a hundred and sixty acres here, which include the area of the lake.
  • The public domain would include the privilege to excerpt short quotations in a review.
  • This estimate does not include the money paid by consumers, which is worse than thrown away.
  • I include the latter, because our logic excludes nothing, not even the transcendental.
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