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  • The letter includes a schedule of cities and the number of appearances planned for each.
  • This mountain chain includes types representing every period of volcanic agency.
  • Finally, the public library includes potentially all other means of social betterment.
  • A typical number includes articles on questions of general interest to women everywhere.
  • This group includes a number of compounds, all of which contain nitrogen as well as carbon.
  • The educational work planned for the local lodge includes instruction along many lines.
  • The diet consists in a great measure of vegetables, and includes a large variety of pastry.
  • Now a doctor's clientele includes many farmers, so he put one of the new 'phones into his office.
  • The De Jarnette copy has one) only after &c. Bancroft includes what is adopted in this text.
  • The other family of Group IV includes carbon, already described, and a number of rare elements.
  • Project Gutenberg also has an HTML version of this file which includes the original maps.
  • The html version of this text includes notations of all irregularities in punctuation and typography.
  • Up till now the booty captured in this battle includes fifty cannon and some thousands of prisoners.
  • It will be seen that the compound crepe includes all types between fine pale crepe and earth-rubber.
  • This figure also includes a simplified circuit arrangement from which the principles involved may be more readily understood.
  • The meagre list of foreign works also includes two portraits by the Danish artist, J. G. Ziesenis.
  • It includes all the eastern part of that island, and the adjacent islands, as we shall presently see.
  • Certainly not; and imitation is a very comprehensive term, which includes under one class the most diverse sorts of things.
  • Magic divination in point of time includes the class of generally very vague and indefinite perceptions, which we call presentiments.
  • It includes the local wiring within the premises of the subscriber and also the lightning arrester and other protective devices, if such exist.
  • The fact that this interval of twelve days includes the day Ymix lends some probability to this supposition.
  • It includes in its object, undoubtedly, every other interest of society as well as this; but this is the principal and leading feature.
  • The present edition includes some epigrams from "A Little Book in C Major," now out of print.
  • This includes military as well as private machines, also machines exported, and appears to be unduly generous even so.
  • If this sect includes anybody who has attempted the business without failing in it, I suspect that he must have given up keeping a conscience.
  • Then if, as I was saying, there is one art which includes all of them, ought not that art to have one name?
  • According to his definition of motive, as the younger Edwards truly says, it includes every cause and condition of volition.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Includes | Includes Sentence

  • This class includes also deified sovereigns.
  • The local circuit of the relay includes the lamp.
  • The original text includes Greek characters.
  • This includes those forms which are not markedly crystalline.
  • The particularity of the persons includes in the first instance their wants.
  • The lumber cut includes all kinds of both hard and soft woods.
  • It includes only a certain, limited portion of international humanity.
  • This e-text includes readings from the 1768 second edition of Colman.
  • And 'being' is one thing, and 'not-being' includes and is all other things.
  • It includes the peninsula formed by the Chesapeake bay and James river.
  • This habitat includes permanent streams and rivers (Pl. 10, fig.
  • That includes you, too, Mr. Bowles," he added meaningly.
  • It includes all of the Dominion of Canada and the Island of Newfoundland.

Definition of Includes

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of include
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