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  • Events, are consequential or inconsequential irrespective of their size.
  • I don't want to hear a lot of inconsequential gossip.
  • But you never cease to wonder at the innocent, inconsequential way it began.
  • I made a careless and inconsequential answer, for I supposed he was joking.

How To Use Inconsequential In A Sentence?

  • It enraged him to be blocked in that manner by a small and inconsequential man.
  • This talk had been inconsequential and concerned only those small details about which we bother during our leisure.
  • But he only went on in the same inconsequential way, as he plucked and rubbed out another poppy-head.
  • He peered into the eye-piece of the telescope; made an inconsequential change in one of the adjustments.
  • Like some other inconsequential fellows of his class, Bunny was usually a man of his word in matters of revenge.
  • And of all wonders, why was it thought needful to give me this pleasing but most inconsequential intelligence upon the Bass?
  • Their owners had been too busy doing inconsequential things to think of obeying the orders for a "water scrape," given for their own good.
  • It was restoring to talk thus of inconsequential things; Ruth was beginning to feel more herself than she had felt in years.
  • Everything will seem so little and inconsequential after seeing armies marching to mud and death, and people will soon get tired of hearing about that.
  • It was an inconsequential turmoil, it seemed to her, there in that sequestered land, for a man like Alan Macdonald to squander his life upon.
  • It is difficult to imagine anything more calculated to destroy consecutive and considered thought than the enormous variety of inconsequential topics that assails one every time one opens a newspaper.
  • Nothing seemed to interest him which happened later than eight years before, but no event of that period was too slight or inconsequential to receive his attention and to be filed away in his shrewd old brain.
  • They wrung hands in the darkness that followed the lightning flash, and, after the Anglo-Saxon fashion, said brief, inconsequential words.

Definition of Inconsequential

Having no consequence; not consequential; of little importance. | Not logically following from the premises. | Something unimportant; something that does not matter.
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