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  • His opinion of her was as incorrect as that of himself.
  • Missing and incorrect punctuation fixed.
  • A few clearly incorrect periods were deleted.
  • Such a criticism is incorrect in every way.
  • To repent is more than to turn from incorrect practices.
  • All sorts of incorrect theories went by the board.
  • We can ignore and forget the incorrect view altogether.
  • I call it most incorrect and improper....
  • The incorrect way of holding a tool is shown in Fig.
  • That this description is not incorrect is clear from these short citations.
  • In our midst" is a common but incorrect phrase.
  • A careless and incorrect construction which leaves the sentence incomplete.
  • A striking difference between correct and incorrect singing is thus noted.
  • To pay money for securing it is, in my opinion, incorrect in principle.
  • It is incorrect to say that Mr Kipling naturally delights in savage war.
  • I fancy it was Mistress Brace's incorrect way of calling it.

How To Use Incorrect In A Sentence?

  • If the deduction is incorrect the remainder of the estimate will be on an unsound basis.
  • It does not describe scientifically the difference between correct and incorrect tone-production.
  • It is incorrect to assume that the tones were invented to distinguish similar sounds.
  • The definition of certain openings seems to us also incorrect and inconsistent.
  • It is incorrect to state that the system of granting concessions remains in full force.
  • Most likely to be caused by incorrect living, and to be prevented and cured by the opposite.
  • Very many children have only vague, incomplete and incorrect conceptions of the things they see.
  • If he is incorrect in the proportions of his figures, Correggio was likewise incorrect.
  • Let it be said too, "there be three times, past, present, and to come": in our incorrect way.
  • Repetition, Marks of, in an index, 161, 204; instances of incorrect use of them, 80, 138.
  • What a pity it is that so powerful and idiomatic a writer should be so incorrect grammatically and scholastically speaking!
  • A child will pronounce and understand the application of a correct word as quickly as an incorrect one.
  • Darwin now goes on to draw an incorrect inference from his observations: "3.
  • The editor states that the text of the original was so incorrect as to require emendations from black-letter copies and from conjecture.
  • In this sense the precept describes accurately the difference in the impressions made on the hearer by correct and incorrect singing.
  • This marked difference between correct and incorrect tone throws a valuable light on the meaning of the correct vocal action.
  • It may appear incorrect to say that the external world is purely physical, for it includes other minds.
  • However, such final tests cannot be omitted without incurring the danger of selecting incorrect objectives for subordinates to attain.
  • Besides being incorrect as to many of its alleged facts, this view would certainly be shown by further study to be greatly exaggerated.
  • Rapidity of utterance often leads a speaker into such faults as indistinctness, monotony, and incorrect breathing.
  • And many things which I hitherto deemed dramatically incorrect were presented to my wondering vision then and there.
  • I find I was incorrect in the statement I gave you of the duel between Mr. Hesse and Count Leon.
  • It is, therefore, quite incorrect to speak of the state as an aggregate of families duly represented at the ballot-box by their male head.
  • Here, on the spot, it does not seem incorrect to compare the icebergs to mere chippings off its edge, and the floe-ice to the thinnest shavings.

Definition of Incorrect

Not correct; erroneous or wrong. | Faulty or defective. | Inappropriate or improper.
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