Incorrectly In A Sentence

Definition of Incorrectly

In an incorrect manner.

How To Use Incorrectly In A Sentence?

  • She thought not incorrectly that she knew one woman of whom Mr. Sandys was a little afraid.
  • Catlettsburg, here incorrectly written Cadetsburg, is the seat of Boyd County, Kentucky.
  • Why then does not the incorrectly used voice impress the hearer as issuing directly from the mouth, the same as the correctly produced tone?
  • An ill-natured epitaph, written on him in 1796, when it was supposed he was dead, incorrectly describes the latter end of his life.
  • Epiderma -is: the cellular layer of the skin, underlying and secreting the cuticula: incorrectly applied to the outer skin or cuticle.
  • Written while Brune waited, it was badly written, incorrectly constructed and spelled, and generally untidy.
  • It was feebly, incorrectly drawn; but the stranger took his crayon, and by a few spirited touches gave life, vigour, and expression to the whole.
  • I was not troubled by the fact that the messages which proclaimed these things were often incorrectly spelt, that the grammar was bad and the language far from elegant.
  • An incorrectly produced tone imparts to the hearer a sensation of stiffness and undue muscular tension, located more or less definitely in the throat.
  • If words spoken are incorrectly heard on account of acquired defects of the peripheral ear, the patient mis-hears, and the abnormal condition is called paracusis.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Incorrectly | Incorrectly Sentence

  • How very incorrectly that porter speaks.
  • Often incorrectly used in support of exaggeration or violent metaphor.
  • We have corrected in the text several other names incorrectly spelled.
  • Although inpatient is a valid word, it is incorrectly used in this instance.
  • Namely, the incorrectly presumed operative origin of the Order.

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