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  • To prevent this and to increase its adhesiveness it is sometimes mixed with a little gum.
  • Rubefacients are remedies which excite the vessels of the skin and increase its heat and redness.
  • Human agency could not increase its volume, it could only vary its distribution.
  • Labor in Russia must be used first of all for that, in order to increase its own productivity.
  • As it was shown it was coloured, and the colours were so applied as to increase its effect and beauty.
  • The present need of the white race is to increase its numbers of fit and decrease its numbers of unfit.
  • They knew one another too well for any of those surprises of possession that increase its joys a hundred-fold.
  • Genius requires just enough frustration to increase its vehemence, and so to transmute nature into art.
  • The real object in cooking meat is to retain the juices and make it sufficiently to eat and increase its flavor.
  • Their strength waxes most terrible in twilight, and they know how to increase its effect by all sorts of magic.
  • The first mention of it in the parish books is in 1628, when three cottages were pulled down to increase its size.
  • It is then distilled several times, and under various conditions, in order to increase its strength.
  • The new head-covering is made of heavy steel, which has been specialty treated to increase its resisting power.
  • Changing the gate is in effect choking or opening the nozzle supplying the wheel, to cut down or increase its consumption of water.
  • The surface of the pork may be slightly covered with black pepper, in order to increase its drawing power.
  • The portraits of the ministers and older elders of the neighboring churches have been added to these, to increase its general interest and value.
  • Thinning the fruit is important, as tending to increase its size and flavor, and also to promote the longevity of the tree.
  • The Sanscrit authors regard it as purgative and usually administer it with other drugs of the same action to increase its effect.
  • We shall see presently how the very objects which seem at first to contend with it for the mastery are made, occultly, to increase its preeminence.
  • Will not our friends take interest enough in the JOURNAL to increase its circulation.
  • These facts are in themselves sufficient to give a fresh interest to the interior of the Australian continent, and to increase its importance.
  • A company may increase its capital, consolidate it, subdivide it into shares of smaller amount and convert paid-up shares into stock.
  • Was Opdyke merely sickening of the individual members of his scanty calling list, and seeking to increase its variety?
  • Borneo, it will be understood that land is being rapidly taken up, and the Company will soon be in a position to increase its selling price.
  • We do not say that the Holy Office systematically increased the number of its condemnations merely to increase its pecuniary profits.
  • This indicates antiquity and permanence in the species, and is exactly the condition most essential both to aid in the development of the resemblance, and to increase its utility.
  • The present hypothesis suffices for grouping known facts, and it will doubtless enable many more to be foreseen, while new successes will further increase its possessions.
  • Abandoning the peaceful but lively triumphs of snatching hulls and cargoes from the maw of the stream, he had offered the government to cleanse its course and thereby to increase its safety and usefulness.
  • The workman is merely indemnified for the first; but the second both produce a part of the exchangeable value of the work, and materially increase its actual quantity.
  • That the hog has succeeded in this is beyond question; for no other food animal can increase its own weight one hundred and fifty fold in the first eight months of its life.
  • Dentition is well known both to predispose the system to its attack, and, after it has occurred, to increase its violence, and diminish the chances of recovery.
  • For if a building be under the mark of average magnitude, it is not in our power to increase its apparent size (too easily measurable) by any proportionate diminution in the scale of its masonry.
  • While fear and anxiety depress, hope and the enlivening emotions, facilitate the functional activity of the brain, and increase its power for mental exertion.
  • They were victors, masters of life, but at the same time absorbed in the flame, giving their life to increase its brightness, to testify to their faith.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Increase Its | Increase Its Sentence

  • No motive was lacking to increase its violence.
  • Make no effort to suppress the tone or increase its power.
  • Lengthening a pipe, will increase its draught.
  • All attempts to increase its height are now forbidden by the authorities.
  • Its mere legal form can but increase its validity, not create it.
  • He also left his queen in Erfurt, and promised to increase its privileges.
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