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  • He would confine the inculcation of religion to fitting seasons and chosen instruments.
  • Americans and English are apt to regard it as merely the oral inculcation of established truths.
  • The aim of such mental exercise is the inculcation of habits of thought which will provide a sound basis for effective action.
  • Evangelistic efforts, the relief of the sick and poor, and the inculcation of temperance are zealously carried on.
  • How has knowledge or virtue been increased and preserved in one place beyond another, but by diligent inculcation and rational enforcement?
  • Not the inculcation of opinions, but much rather the formation of principles, and of the tone of character, the derivation of qualities.
  • Of course, the inculcation of such theories rendered it extremely difficult for Stephenson and his party to survey for the proposed line.
  • Far be it from me to suggest that it is desirable that the inculcation of the doctrine of evolution should be made a prominent feature of general education.
  • If women have a greater natural inclination for some things than for others, there is no need of laws or social inculcation to make the majority of them do the former in preference to the latter.
  • Let him at least counterbalance the inculcation of these follies by teaching a morality conformable to the good of the state, useful to the happiness of its members, and social and reasonable.
  • It concerns, along with all major matters of morals, those deeper things of life, for which there is no instruction beyond the inculcation of high ideals.
  • If sound morality depends upon the inculcation of correct principles in youth, equally so does a sound physical system depend on a correct physical education during the same period of life.
  • The one purpose which education should most zealously strive to achieve is the suppression of all ridiculous claims to independent judgment, and the inculcation upon young men of obedience to the scepter of genius.

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  • The inculcation of such knowledge is an education for peace.

Definition of Inculcation

The teaching of something by using frequent repetition
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