Incurring in a sentence

Definition of Incurring

present participle of incur

How to use Incurring in a Sentence?

  • We exhort you to pause before incurring heavier losses and greater dangers.
  • How often did he excuse him to his royal mistress, at the risk of incurring her displeasure?
  • This amusement, indeed, was obtained at the expense of incurring some animadversion.
  • At the same time, however, she was incurring a serious risk in another direction.
  • Dubreuil, and, at the risk of incurring her dislike, have refused the friendship she offered me.
  • There was no other way by which Italy could be freed, than by incurring this risk.
  • There were always junctions where he could change from one line to another without incurring suspicion.
  • Are they not every day incurring new and useless expenses in consequence of allowing them to legislate and plan for themselves?
  • We are convinced by past experience, that all necessity for incurring interest-bearing obligations can be avoided.
  • They only become a dead letter if one nation utterly disregards them and does so without incurring a penalty in some form.
  • He made his offering, though he was certain of incurring on that account the ruler's displeasure.
  • She loved him still, when she could be so horror-struck at the thought of incurring his lasting anger.
  • It is sufficiently painful to be refused, without incurring the additional mortification of being pointed out as a rejected lover.
  • He may be said to participate in the adversity or prosperity of his firm, but without incurring any of the liabilities of partnership.
  • However, such final tests cannot be omitted without incurring the danger of selecting incorrect objectives for subordinates to attain.
  • At first it was sought to curb the recklessness of city councils in incurring lavish expenditures by giving the mayor a veto power.
  • It was simply to rely entirely on stock issues, to endeavour to build the road without incurring any bonded debt.
  • But they had no house, and could not furnish one without incurring debts which would be a severe clog on their future industry.
  • The intention was to assault from the rear, and he believed they would have been certain of the enemy, without incurring any considerable loss.
  • A warrior with the fear of dishonor, does he not hazard his life in battles every day, even at the risk of incurring eternal damnation?
  • Mr Graham himself frequently joined in both, without incurring the slightest danger of forfeiting respect by condescension.
  • Though the unusual is an object, yet I would not rejoice at incurring the divine anger by publishing what should not be published.
  • Another Southern peculiarity is, that no one can attack the character of another, without incurring the risk of loosing his life.
  • Probably with all this, the burning of his book went without saying; though I have found no specific mention of its incurring that fate.
  • It is surprising how, in a poor country, Frederic could have sustained such an exhaustive war without incurring a national debt.
  • Opposition to the triumvirs had been abandoned, he saw, by the very party for whom he had been incurring the enmity of Pompey and Caesar.
  • Not where I am expected to smile and sparkle, on pain of incurring suspicion if I show a sign of oppression.
  • Even if her kiss had not already wiped out every disagreeable recollection, the danger which she was incurring was enough to restore all my faith in her and all my affection.
  • That he should be put to so severe an expenditure merely for the purpose of incurring an increased current expense, struck him as a rather sardonic joke.
  • We earnestly trust that some means may be found by which consideration may be shown to all the women on board by landing them safely without their incurring further peril.
  • It should allow every thing to be done that is necessary in the most extensive management of bees, without incurring any serious risk of exciting their anger.
  • But, really, I don't see what I can do, without incurring the enmity of both of my friends.
  • A number of times propositions to bond the town for school or street purposes have been voted upon but each time the citizens have decided against incurring any bonded debt.
  • However, those who in concert with the czarina interested themselves in his favour, devised the means of urging their suit without incurring the penalty of the prohibition.
  • The young soldier was aware that he was incurring great risk in his venture, but he was wet and weary, and it had been long since he had tasted food.

Short Example Sentence for Incurring

  • The incurring of heavy debts.
  • He was incurring the minimum of risk.
  • Was he worth incurring social damnation for?
  • Thee's incurring a grave responsibility if thee is not.
  • And as such may I address you, without incurring displeasure?

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