Indecent In A Sentence

How To Use Indecent In A Sentence?

  • Using indecent or profane language towards a female employee is a misdemeanour.
  • The least indecent was the coming of the catalona or babaylana to celebrate the espousals.
  • I seemed to love both of you at once, and that made me seem so indecent to myself.
  • It is indecent and filthy for a respectable girl to know anything of the marital relation.
  • As to certain other forestallings of experience, they would be positively indecent and barbarous!
  • He had aversion to profanity, and never told or listened to indecent anecdotes.
  • Alternatives are wrapped in proper names, as if it were indecent for a truth to go naked.
  • This indecent haste to be rid of him roused his obstinacy; he sat still where he was and watched.
  • Others would send him back by the next post, insulting me by their indecent haste.
  • But when it was discovered that an indecent sort of vermin was the cause, the case was dropped....
  • In other respects also she was like a Pope, and was infallible with almost indecent frequency.
  • Deposed 18th October for brawling, immoderate anger, drunkenness, and indecent behaviour.
  • There is that Champa Dal, the friend of your son-in-law; he always cracks indecent jokes with me.
  • Yes, I will say besides that I have seldom, if ever, seen so indecent a statue.
  • Petticoats will not be burdensome to the clergy; but balls and assemblies will be indecent for some time.
  • To the man from the north there seemed something indecent in the fertile febrile swarming of life here.
  • This is a dance accompanied by a swaying and contorting of the hips, most indecent in its suggestion.
  • Every boy and girl should be carefully trained to look with disgust on everything that is indecent in word or action.
  • I remember one brother who was very emphatic in his denunciations who afterwards was put out of the church for indecent conduct.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Indecent | Indecent Sentence

  • So indecent a thing!
  • It would be downright indecent of me.
  • It alone precluded an indecent haste.
  • So he laughs with the others at the indecent joke.
  • What is there so indecent in the word, pray?
  • It is the indecent "gratitude" of the pig over his trough.
  • During this indecent dispute, the Bishop was sent to.
  • It would be indecent to write at the one or sit on the other.
  • Supposing a ripple from this indecent eddy had touched her feet?
  • Not an indecent word was ever uttered by them in her presence.
  • Does your indecent intimacy with your mirror make you blush?
  • Was experience to be muffled and mutilated like an indecent picture?
  • Even in such trivial matters as purchasing a hen no indecent hurry is shown.
  • To sell bargains is to return indecent answers to civil questions.
  • Is indecency more indecent if it is grave, or more indecent if it is gay?
  • There will always be poverty, but there ought never to be indecent poverty.
  • And here they were, making the holy night indecent with bestial behavior.
  • It was indecent for a woman, for anyone, to expose her emotions that way.
  • Mr. Black appeared to be in no indecent haste to satiate my craving.
  • We retired from the Chinese Treasury with rather indecent haste.
  • That trip to the hacienda was an indecent carousal, a gypsy's revel.

Definition of Indecent

offensive to good taste | not in keeping with conventional moral values; improper, immodest or unseemly
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