Indefatigable In A Sentence

Definition of Indefatigable

Extremely persistent and untiring.

How To Use Indefatigable In A Sentence?

  • He has been indefatigable in his exertions to meet the difficult situations which arose.
  • She had been indefatigable in training him, drawing out his atrophied faculties.
  • The speaker boasted of his indefatigable cleverness which absorbed the savings of the governesses.
  • The indefatigable philanthropist had him brought before the lord mayor as sitting magistrate.
  • On the other hand, his own application and indefatigable industry supply the want of judgment.
  • Being an indefatigable worker, he was already organizing a new and more ambitious effort.
  • But he would need to work hard to steal more than does that indefatigable songster, the robin.
  • Coverdale, with indefatigable zeal, made use of every translation in his power.
  • Early as it was he found the indefatigable Rosecrans at work with his staff and clerks.
  • He was a man of ability, of enlightened views, of indefatigable industry, and of an iron will.
  • Thus, with their good example and indefatigable zeal, they could do much good to needy souls.
  • The indefatigable alchymist once more bent his steps for Spain, full of renovated hope.
  • He was indefatigable in the observance of all social duties, and I met him wherever I went.
  • Honour to those indefatigable spirits who consecrate their vigils to the amelioration or to the alleviation of their kind!
  • And all this was duly reported by that indefatigable corps of reporters, the domestics of the house.
  • By their hurried gait and their indefatigable evolutions we readily guess that they are seeking something which they lack.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Indefatigable | Indefatigable Sentence

  • What an indefatigable worker he was!
  • Mersenne was a stimulating and indefatigable correspondent.
  • He was an indefatigable student and thinker himself.
  • Throughout life was a most indefatigable worker.
  • What an indefatigable humorist is our actor?
  • He is sober, enduring, brave, and an indefatigable marcher.
  • They are the most indefatigable and successful of gardeners.
  • But he was an evidence of the effect of indefatigable exertion.
  • Your mirth must be indefatigable if you can still laugh at those.
  • He certainly was indefatigable in his attempts to find the missing property.
  • Mateo was an indefatigable news-gatherer, and an incorrigible gossip.
  • All other animals he regards as game, and is indefatigable in their pursuit.
  • He was indefatigable in most things, but he could not endure the oar.
  • This year the indefatigable old man returned to the task with increased ardor.
  • An indefatigable seeker of food, he no longer thought of food.
  • The negroes are indefatigable talkers, at all times, and in all seasons.
  • Most laughable, perhaps, are your indefatigable strivers after eloquence.
  • When not with Mariquita she was sewing, being an indefatigable dressmaker.
  • Tom and Bob were indefatigable for ten days in searching on their own account.
  • The indefatigable Edwards appears the first who noticed this bird.
  • The guests, too, retire guarded by the indefatigable Hagen and Volker.
  • For the indefatigable Turcas the detail; for Westerling the front of Jove.
  • To use the words of the learned and indefatigable Horst, [Zauber Bibliothek.
  • Tom's indefatigable perseverance must have been noticed by this time.

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