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  • The indescribable deluge!
  • It was indescribable in its power.
  • I experienced an indescribable happiness.
  • It had an indescribable air of antiquity.
  • It was a scene really of indescribable impressiveness.
  • The students, of course, howled with indescribable joy ...
  • I will not speak of the indescribable enjoyment that fell to my lot.
  • Evelyn said the last with an indescribable air of sweet triumph.
  • A look of indescribable pleasure overspread the withered face.
  • His name alone was an asset which bred indescribable confidence.
  • Yet it had an indescribable effect of melancholy, this aboriginal song.
  • On the contrary, my life had become an indescribable turmoil.
  • The words filled the cat with indescribable terror; and she leapt back.
  • There, after the first indescribable moments, some kindly spirit touched him.

How To Use Indescribable In A Sentence?

  • Her withered body was hung with indescribable rags and her gray hair was a tangled mat.
  • Dosia went down the low, wide stairs with that indescribable air of the watcher in the night.
  • The summit is an indescribable contact, and this summit is not one summit but many summits.
  • Her mere existence somewhere in the sky, however, rendered the indescribable chaos visible.
  • She was soon disturbed by that indescribable uneasiness that creeps through our dreams when we are asleep in the presence of danger.
  • The inmates, some of whom were only awakened by the shock, were seized with an indescribable terror.
  • They went through with various motions and hand-clapping, accompanied by an indescribable noise at times.
  • There is an indescribable something about them, that at once distinguishes them from ordinary shadows, and puts me on my guard.
  • Every such fact as the invention of the telephone, produces a complex and almost indescribable result in human society.
  • As she looked at the room a feeling of indescribable sadness crept over her, and a sigh of bitterness burst from her throbbing bosom.
  • The word "symphony" was not known except to indicate an indescribable noise before the rising of the curtain.
  • The exquisite tints of the rice in different stages of growth display a translucence indescribable except in terms of light and fire.
  • These shadows hold their place apart, as some rare dreams do, claiming from us an indescribable tenderness.
  • In a space not less than a hundred yards in diameter rhododendrons grew in indescribable density, while above them towered some huge hemlocks.
  • When the clatter of the musketry fell upon his ears, his heart jumped and an indescribable fear seemed to take possession of him.
  • Again the low wailing of the Indian women and the indescribable depth and hunger of those dear black eyes.
  • A shaft of light from the sinking sun struck in through the coloured window behind her, and fell across her face with an indescribable glory.
  • It is a scene of indescribable loveliness; the wild reds of hades splashed riotously upon the cold whites and pale blues of heaven.
  • A body, bloated and discolored, spun by, and was caught and dragged under, leaving only an indescribable stench.
  • Here Religion treads on the borders of fairy-land, and brings an indescribable atmosphere away from thence.
  • My impetuous refusal did not satisfy him, and he wrote me a letter over which I shed bitter tears of indescribable feeling.
  • They then afforded a continual spectacle of rebellion, rioting, and indescribable uncertainty of, and danger to, life and property.
  • After I had lain in total forgetfulness for some hours, my imagination woke up and plagued me with dreams of indescribable terror and alarm.
  • It stood looking up at Gray, lifting one paw towards him with an indescribable air of supplication in its whole attitude.
  • Her manner, her expression, as she fixed her eyes full upon her, struck Agatha with an indescribable feeling.
  • The Maid was the first to speak, her eyes lighting with that deep down, indescribable smile, which she kept for her friends alone.

Definition of Indescribable

Impossible, or very difficult to describe. | Exceeding all description.
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