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  • It is an indestructible essence.
  • His chest was of seemingly indestructible muscularity.
  • Good poetry seems to be almost as indestructible as diamonds.
  • She smiled with satisfaction at the indestructible logic of her answer.
  • It is indestructible, and the indestructible cannot be created.
  • There was about him even in death the radiance of his indestructible illusion.
  • Men pass away, but principles are indestructible and of perpetual power.

How To Use Indestructible In A Sentence?

  • The resolutions of an individual like that are as substantial and indestructible as he.
  • The principle that matter is indestructible belongs as much to theology as to geology.
  • His words were like a lambent flame, playing with some indestructible material.
  • A spiritual and indestructible being like its Creator, it can never cease to be while he exists.
  • Do your best to bring about the Indestructible fraternity of the whole English-speaking races.
  • But this conquering of self implies a destruction of qualities which most men regard as not only indestructible but desirable.
  • The latter edifices thus lost some of that appearance of indestructible solidity which is their natural expression.
  • We understand that at the time of going to press an indestructible rubber uncle is leading by several votes.
  • What we know of her greatness and her beauty is revealed by no records, but by the tangible evidence of indestructible things.
  • The other received all this with the indestructible good humor of a girl who knows herself very pretty and as well dressed as any one in the world.
  • The manner in which the nature of the distinct and indestructible atom was arrived at, shows the puerility of the theory.
  • Other claims made amount to the statement that the case is practically indestructible under normal conditions of handling and shipping.
  • Now much has been said and written about the ingratitude of children; but quite as much might be said of their indestructible affection.
  • A hundred squashes in the garden were worth, in my eyes at least, of being rendered indestructible in marble.
  • The next morning, so indestructible is the happiness of youth, she awoke with her hope as fresh as if it had not been blighted the evening before.
  • That they still manifest freshness and originality in so eminent a degree, proves the indestructible richness of the german cerebral endowment.
  • Although experiments on this matter are badly needed, there is little doubt that good steel concrete is very nearly indestructible by fire.
  • The acquisition and possession of land satisfies this desire in a high degree, since land is a visible and indestructible form of property.
  • The graves of the priests and grandees were overrun with periwinkle, and the only other flower was the indestructible Castilian rose.
  • But what availed his airy, fleeting millions compared with these well-nigh indestructible possessions, rooted for centuries in native soil?
  • I have "lifted" it unblushingly; for no other word comes near to rendering the unique, the haunting, the indestructible impression that she makes.
  • In the thought of the people who voted for me, I stand for the indestructible common sense of the American mind.
  • Not that matter shall be destroyed, for it came forth from God, and is of God indestructible and eternal.
  • Loving-kindness among all human creatures and a firm, indestructible brotherhood which includes all the divine possibilities and significances in humanity.
  • In the beginning his indestructible air of superiority had subtly irritated them in spite of his immediate acceptance of their standards, and there had been two attempts to trounce him.
  • The one thing of importance would be an indestructible alliance for offence and defence among the people who have inherited the best part of the whole world.
  • Her muscles felt as tired as her spirit, but she had an odd fancy that her skeleton was of fine flexible steel and not only indestructible but tenacious and dominant.
  • On the other hand the funerary statuettes were made of the most indestructible materials and the bas-reliefs and paintings were one with the thick walls of stone or living rock.
  • The ideal union is, I am certain, an indestructible bond, trebly woven of inclination, duty, and convenience.
  • In spite of her active life and her disastrous affairs, she presented an unblemished complexion, as if her hard rosy surface were protected by some indestructible glaze.
  • By rare good fortune she may sometimes be found to possess an indestructible germ of conscience which sorrow and necessity can develop into active good; but only sometimes.
  • Such hesitation, such wavering and inconsistency, is the natural result of every scheme which places the decisions of the head in violent conflict with the indestructible feelings of the heart.
  • For it is probable that "in his caves of ice," Leonardo also felt himself indestructible by the Arch-Enemy.

Definition of Indestructible

Not destructible; incapable of decomposition or of being destroyed; invincible.
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