Indian In A Sentence

How To Use Indian In A Sentence?

  • But his Indian name is best.
  • The black or Indian cuckoo.
  • The Indian question had again to be decided.
  • The Indian told the boy.
  • The Indian killed the dog.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Indian | Indian Sentence

  • The Indian only laughed.
  • The wounded Indian was there with them.
  • These are the Indian canoes.
  • It was because the Indian was not orthodox.
  • That was our Indian sign.
  • Specimen of Indian corn.
  • Not an Indian was to be seen.
  • Unknown to him the Indian followed!
  • So did the Indian and the buffalo.
  • The Indian was to return to his own.
  • Minnesota was an Indian paradise.
  • It was not all Indian blood.
  • Where is my Indian to night?
  • The Indian did not look at her.
  • But the Indian only grinned.
  • The Indian was pleased.
  • Talk of Indian luxuries!
  • Tell an Indian story.
  • They know Indian about here.
  • It is all an Indian story.
  • An Indian stood before them!
  • The Indian brightened.
  • The Indian was killed.
  • The Indian did not know.
  • The Indian was not far off.
  • The Indian again paused.
  • An Indian must have been here!
  • What is Indian summer?
  • Perhaps he was an Indian patriot.
  • These are Indian cemeteries.
  • The Indian was not to be outdone.
  • What about the Indian cuss on it?
  • Presently the Indian arose.
  • Meal from Indian maize.
  • This was the Indian way.

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