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  • We can but indicate a few leading features.
  • This would indicate a near approach to the earth.
  • The nostrils indicate a keen sense of humour.
  • Did the pipe and tobacco indicate a peace-offering?
  • Show how the word "town" is used to indicate a.
  • Carets (^) indicate a superscript letter.
  • Broad nails indicate a gentle, timid, and bashful nature.
  • U. U = a suffix to indicate a place.
  • Did not the attack on Malta indicate a design upon Sicily?
  • This would indicate a date about 3000 B.C.
  • Or does it not indicate a voluntary concurrence of the nobility?
  • The flakes in some cases indicate a very great degree of thinness.
  • Peace proposals unaccompanied by a sworn covenant indicate a plot.
  • All rumors and remarks indicate a fixed purpose to have these works.
  • These words indicate a certain intelligence in this young man.
  • It bears no mark which would indicate a future metamorphosis into a beetle.
  • Little new digging that would indicate a spreading population was noticed.
  • Its screaming is supposed to indicate a change of weather from fair to rain.
  • These figures chiefly indicate a displacement of male by female labour.
  • Two large clouds in the distance seemed to her to indicate a coming storm.
  • Her clothing seemed to indicate a reduction almost to extreme poverty.
  • Varieties appearing in more than one column indicate a long blooming period.
  • The fragments are not numerous, nor do they indicate a great variety in form.
  • His clothing appeared to indicate a penurious, grasping nature.
  • The fossil softshells indicate a more widespread, former distribution.
  • Thus 50~ would indicate a frequency of fifty cycles per second.

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  • How does contemporaneous erosion indicate a pause in the deposition of a series of strata?
  • But the variation was too irregular to indicate a change based on night and day.
  • We have already seen that the physical measurements indicate a complex racial history.
  • To insist upon the power of heredity was once considered to indicate a fatalistic pessimism.
  • How may planes of bedding sometimes indicate a break in the succession of strata?
  • Intermediate these points indicate a second set of marks halfway between the marks on the lines.
  • Many very small notes offered for discount usually indicate a very needy condition.
  • Badly produced tones indicate a state of excessive tension of the throat muscles.
  • The shapes are wonderfully varied and indicate a lively imagination on the part of the potter.
  • Does this lull indicate a gradual and steady return to more normal and peaceful conditions?
  • There is no set rule for the number of negative tests necessary to indicate a cure.
  • There are a few specimens whose locality data indicate a tolerance of brackish-water habitats.
  • Missing hills and barren stocks indicate a low vitality in the seed-ear and also in the crop.
  • At the end of this letter she put no signature, but a single cross to indicate a kiss.
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