Indication In A Sentence

Definition of Indication

Act of pointing out or indicating. | That which serves to indicate or point out; mark; token; sign; symptom; evidence. | Discovery made; information.

How To Use Indication In A Sentence?

  • The mountains themselves viewed from below are without any indication of green.
  • The very reluctance to permit it was an indication that it would not bear investigation.
  • She had little doubt of being able to read in them some indication of her duty.
  • There is often a distinct indication at a very early period of life for what we are best fitted.
  • But she spoke no word of complaint, nor did she give any other indication of suffering.
  • There was at that time no conclusive indication that England would be involved.
  • It is the mark, as a rule, of fops and fools, and an indication of weakness of character.
  • The red numerals and red symbols are, as usual, given in outline as an indication of their color.
  • The Lamb walnut trees at that time were too young to give any indication of curly grain.
  • Miss Macpherson, looking straight ahead, gave no indication that she saw her nephew coming.
  • How very far-reaching they are the merest indication of their most salient features will suffice to indicate.
  • Nor is there any indication that the deficiency which was felt in one school was supplemented or compensated by another.
  • From these he would gather some indication of what he might expect to find when he entered the ring.
  • There is not one that gives indication of his having passed through any mental struggle before he sat down in life as a thief.
  • Dawn had broken half an hour before and there was every indication that the day would be bright and cheerful.
  • Among all these men there was not a gun nor a pistol, nor any indication that they had ever met with the white men.
  • Anybody else would have regarded that as an indication of some kind or other and would have drawn inferences and gone home.
  • And as she regarded him appraisingly he glanced up at her, and there was the slightest indication of pleased surprise in his glance.
  • Everything they said was in an undertone and the inexpressive faces of the two men gave no indication as to the nature of their conversation.
  • The ready tendency of sodium bisulphite to deteriorate on exposure should give sufficient indication regarding its treatment in storage.
  • Many chariots drawn by horses has he taken with him, but although a considerable time has elapsed there is no indication of his return.
  • He received his callers, and went through the ordinary routine of his position, with no indication of any mental disturbance.
  • This high office is the first indication that Caesar had chosen his grandnephew to be his possible successor.
  • Hence it is not difficult to understand that some brokers regarded the presence of the so-called "rust" as an indication of over-smoking.
  • At the first indication of danger his comrades on the ground begin hauling his balloon down, and this precaution may possibly save his life.
  • It is found in actual practice that five, or even three, readings during the year are sufficient to give the indication required.
  • The power required to break down the sheet and the heat developed, even on cold rollers, are an indication of physical properties destroyed.
  • For some years back indication of gold, in more or less quantities, have been found in almost every river running east from the mountains.
  • Jessuum Benitar had told him that he would answer for his actions and that he should prepare himself, but in that, there was no indication of war.
  • No form of experiment or mode of observation that I could devise gave me the slightest indication of any peculiar natural force.
  • The struggle was then renewed in the Senate and with every indication that the Senate would insist upon its amendment.
  • Recent events in the United States afford a valuable empirical indication of the effect that improved machinery actually has upon wages.
  • Here he leaves you with every indication of disgust and disappointment, and you will probably hear him indulging in unclassical vituperation on the landing.
  • The war endorsed its every word for me, underlined each warning indication of the gigantic dangers that gathered against our system across the narrow seas.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Indication | Indication Sentence

  • There was every indication of a big attendance.
  • Could there be any indication without of the horrors these walls contained?
  • The first indication of the cell division is shown by the chromatin fibres.
  • His smooth-shaven, impassive face offered no indication whatever of his age.
  • An indication of types of verandahs is given in Chapters VII.
  • There was also no indication that Hoddy's salvo had had any effect on them.

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