Indictment In A Sentence

Definition of Indictment

(law) An official formal accusation for a criminal offence, or the process by which it is brought to a jury. [from 14th c.] | (law) The official legal document outlining the charges concerned; bill of indictment. [from 16th c.] | (countable, uncountable) An accusation of wrongdoing; a criticism or condemnation. [from 19th c.]

How To Use Indictment In A Sentence?

  • The reflection is rather an indictment of the inefficiency of those in authority.
  • Both were in despair because the strongest indictment they had urged was now quashed.
  • As each sentence of this indictment proceeded it was pitiable to watch the faces of the couple.
  • My indictment charges the municipality with aiding and abetting great devastation in the woods.
  • More than half induced to recognize the truth of the indictment his better feeling halted him.
  • The indictment had, in fact, been delivered five days before the list of witnesses.
  • That, he thought, was another count in his indictment against the way things were made.
  • The only consequence was, that the indictment was a little longer than it turns out that it needed to have been.
  • This vindication of her sisters is certainly an indictment of her brother to anybody who knew enough to read between the lines.
  • This is a serious indictment coming from such a source and should be of intense interest to the wife and mother of to-day.
  • But why, in a moment of madness, had he voluntarily brought this crushing indictment against himself?
  • The indictment is true, but when the facts are stated, it will be seen to recoil on the heads of those who have drawn it.
  • Nevertheless, the indictment against democracy is a very heavy one, and it is worth while to state the main items in the charge.
  • Still, it was something of a relief that the other had not opened the conversation with an indictment of Drummond.
  • I should call any conventional disapproval of it an indictment rather, an indictment of Christianity.
  • The indictment is a written accusation of one or more several persons, preferred to and presented upon oath by a grand jury.
  • Then he became aware that he was being called upon to listen to an indictment couched in rolling legal phraseology, and to plead accordingly.
  • His indictment of humanitarians has about as much, or as little, basis in fact as would an indictment of wives or seagulls or fields of corn.
  • To make the tangled threads hold together and get a grip of the facts was no light business, but at last the bill of indictment was drawn up.
  • A third alternative is a plea of abatement, which is a plea praying that the indictment may be quashed, for some defect which the plea points out.
  • The grand jury returned an indictment against Dr. John Earl for the murder of Mrs. Emma Bell.
  • But it is not without significance that the indictment should now be urged with a vehemence which we do not find in the records of former convulsions.
  • In due course of events the trial of the indictment against the saloonkeeper came on to be heard, and I was acting as prosecuting attorney.
  • Yesterday she and Bunce went before the grand jury, who returned an indictment against Hawkins for perjury.
  • One would expect that something very radical should result from the cumulative literary indictment of the social crimes perpetrated upon the prisoner.
  • The indictment was to the effect that Francisco Ferrer was guilty of having organized godless schools, and having circulated godless literature.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Indictment | Indictment Sentence

  • The last indictment against this book is the worst of all.
  • His system of indictment was already nearly settled.
  • He saw to it that one indictment was multiplied into six.
  • The indictment is true, every word of it.
  • The Indictment said to Mme.
  • The indictment charged him with assault with intent to maim.
  • This is a pretty large indictment to hang on such debatable evidence.
  • You who are already gravely impeached in the indictment I have formulated!
  • This pitiless indictment I bring without pity against myself.
  • Even his indictment by the various Allied Governments hardly worried him.
  • Elsewhere the same extraordinary Indictment declares: "Mme.
  • John, then, must be included in the Catholic indictment of Luther.
  • Suppose a man found guilty under an indictment containing two counts, A and B.
  • Leslie's heart sank as the remorseless indictment against him was unfolded.

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