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  • Adventuring in the Indies is no fit business for you.
  • He was certainly in the West Indies in his youth.
  • The West Indies consist of many islands.
  • I had just returned from my second West Indies voyage.
  • From the West Indies have come twelve thousand men.
  • South America and the West Indies have native species.
  • It is so used on estates in the West Indies for Stills.
  • It fell to the East Indies and the Island of Madagascar.
  • When I wanted it out in the West Indies then I took it.
  • A Romance of the West Indies in the Year of our Lord 1820.
  • Not for all the wealth of the Indies would he remove a single stain.
  • The vessels from the Indies have not arrived from Lisbon.
  • His account of the four voyages to the Indies is a romance of the sea....
  • Then the growing insolence of the Dutch in the Indies was not to be borne.
  • They had left the Indies and were now approaching the American shore.
  • Even the harassing run to and from the West Indies had done him good.
  • Late in the autumn he took up his station in the West Indies for the winter.
  • My Council of the Indies has discussed it, and consulted with me regarding it.
  • In the West Indies the juice of the sugar-cane mixed with water was so called.
  • The West Indies are irrecoverably and finally ruined, but we are paying 5d.
  • I said, could fight his European campaigns on the wealth of the Indies alone.
  • This tree was introduced into the West Indies from some part of Africa.
  • West Indies and east coast of Mexico, north to southern Texas.
  • Travels south for the winter to the West Indies and South America.
  • I figured out a scheme to catch the West Indies and South American trade.
  • The West Indies separate a part of the ocean from the main Atlantic Ocean.

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  • If they had been the Indies at all, they would have been the most easterly of them.
  • In the Indies the women still wear these ornaments in their nostrils and ears.
  • The disabled vessel proved to be a schooner from the West Indies in a sinking condition.
  • He saw sights in the West Indies that made him a bitter opponent of human slavery.
  • The fleets of Spain were destroyed; the trade of the Indies was opened to his ships.
  • Nicuesa had made a successful voyage to the Indies with Ovando, and had ample command of means.
  • Spain had reached the Indies by sailing west, as Portugal had reached them by sailing east.
  • Thus a legalized coolie trade between the West Indies and China was extinguished.
  • For it was decided that Charles Grandet must go to the Indies to seek his fortune.
  • The scene now shifts to the West Indies and Jack figures as the hero of a daring rescue.
  • Some one has described the Dutch East Indies as a necklace of emeralds strung on the equator.
  • I shall go again to the Indies in the name of the Holy Trinity, to return immediately.
  • Continental Europe waxed wealthy while the British West Indies sank into decay.
  • Shortly after Governor Tucker arrived he sent to the West Indies for plants and fruit trees.

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plural of indy | plural of indie
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