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  • I am indifferent about accommodations.
  • Spain remained steadily indifferent and unfriendly.
  • He seemed indifferent as to whether he recovered or not.
  • She was very far from indifferent to his altered tone.
  • Among the indifferent crowd there was one bright exception.
  • The women appeared supremely indifferent in any event.
  • By my troth I am indifferent whether I go or no.
  • They can be indifferent and gigantic as the prairie fire and typhoon.
  • The manner of his life and the place of it could never be indifferent to her.
  • In any case he was more or less indifferent from sheer spiritual exhaustion.
  • He had been so loyal, so true, so indifferent to his own interests!
  • I stared stockishly at the girl, who passed with an indifferent face.
  • As a member of the community he was indifferent and amiable, gay and ironic.
  • But the man Grief played with this night proved most indifferent at the game.
  • At last I rose in a frenzy quite indifferent as to life or death.
  • She was so natural and frank, and so royally indifferent to others' opinion.

How To Use Indifferent In A Sentence?

  • Bad and indifferent literature is now so common that the boys will have some sort of reading.
  • Nor is it merely in some indifferent and debateable views that it has left its proper sphere.
  • He was too indifferent to lift his hand and put the inkstand back into its place.
  • Perhaps, having no property in old France, they are more indifferent about its restoration.
  • Besides, I had made her forever my foe by remaining wholly indifferent to her charms.
  • With his pompous manner he made a very Brummagem monarch, quite indifferent to his unpopularity.
  • And, quite indifferent as to what might befall him, he walked next day to the Victoria Docks.
  • He felt that all possible conclusions were out of his power, and therefore he was indifferent to everything.
  • But her manner was so detached and indifferent that no one could have guessed her remark was of the least significance.
  • He cannot become indifferent to her charms, while he witnesses the impression they make upon others.
  • Thus our pinnace, on which lyeth so much of our hope of escape, is but in an indifferent forwardness.
  • An indifferent speaker, he nevertheless adorned the bench by the soundness of his law and the excellence of his judgments.
  • Did she show this indifferent face to the world, was she determined that no one should guess at the secret strain?
  • I am indifferent whether you beleeve me or no; these were not worth taking of, and therefore he left them on.
  • His tone was grim; the usual indifferent benevolence of demeanor toward a townsman was conspicuously absent.
  • And it was a pleasure she attended to religiously, even after she began to grow a little lax and indifferent about other household matters.
  • It would thus appear that, what with its salts and functions as a cemetery, the lake supplied but indifferent drinking water.
  • Dorothy Vanborough had a little genius in her, though she was apt to look stupid and sulky and indifferent when she did not feel at her ease.
  • Her face was very red, and her arms swung about like flails, beating the air in her efforts to carry conviction upon an indifferent audience.
  • This reply is good for nothing; for matter itself is indifferent to all forms, and besides God has made it.
  • Even then, the owner will probably remain supremely indifferent as to whether the "Farangi" purchase or not.
  • With these words I unceremoniously laid her on the floor, and walked off as calmly as if entirely indifferent to what was happening behind my back.
  • The arguments of the colonists, the protests of the Continental Congress, fell upon indifferent ears.
  • Chigi was not with them, for she had left his house apparently indifferent to all that she had seen or heard within it, and had succumbed only when beyond his view.

Definition of Indifferent

Not caring or concerned; uninterested, apathetic. | Indicating or reflecting a lack of concern or care. | Mediocre (usually used negatively in modern usage).
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