Indignant In A Sentence

Definition of Indignant

Showing anger or indignation, especially at something unjust or wrong.

How To Use Indignant In A Sentence?

  • And he grew indignant at her indifference, feeling that his child was neglected.
  • I was exceedingly indignant at this, and pushed on, intending to force the barrier.
  • He was so indignant that the few white hairs on his head worked up sizzling with his emotion....
  • She shot a quick, indignant look at her aunt, then turned around and smiled a good-by to him.
  • Hyde turned an indignant back on him, and King studied the back as if he found it interesting.
  • But in the case of Katharine it was different; she was indignant with Katharine.
  • Even Aurora, with all her gentleness, has been as indignant at it, nearly, as myself.
  • Once, when Gladys addressed a remark to her, Maria thrust out an indignant shoulder towards her.
  • For MacLaurin wheeled on him, and bestowed upon him a red, glassy, and hotly indignant stare.
  • The members of the Y.M.C.A. were indignant at me for putting a maladroit question.
  • Springing up from her relaxed position, she sat straight and unbending, with her indignant eyes on his face.
  • This speech aroused a storm of execration throughout the country, which was already indignant enough over the fatal event itself.
  • I felt also very indignant against the Venetians who had no small share in the destruction of those art treasures.
  • Hannah gave more than one pitying, indignant glance at the girl's pretty, sad face.
  • Beyond doubt she would be far happier with a fury of reproaches, cutting sarcasm, and page after page of indignant denial.
  • It's been of only three years' standing," interrupted the other, in an indignant mutter.
  • All Christendom is now made familiar with it, and is sending forth a cry of indignant remonstrance and of taunting scorn.
  • It was a small and mean dwelling, and I began to feel indignant that my mother was compelled to live in such a place.
  • We have long ago ceased to be either surprised, grieved, or indignant at anything the English critics say of us.
  • She has such a cold that I really wondered that she came at all in such a storm; but, no, she seemed fairly indignant at the idea.
  • Why convey the false impression that you are indignant when you are indifferent, or feel sympathy for sufferings of which you will do nothing but talk?
  • I was so indignant to-night, and say that I think it will be fine for him to take my Billy away from me with him.
  • And Josh Perrott loosened his neckcloth with an indignant tug of the forefinger, and went off into another train of thought.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Indignant | Indignant Sentence

  • What are you indignant about?
  • Strong curiosity now mingled with my indignant feelings.
  • Then a roar of indignant applause drowned my protest.
  • Drusilla looked at her with big, indignant eyes.
  • In a moment Helen was all indignant protest.
  • The indignant response of Aunt Louise was disconcerting.
  • An indignant toss of the head gave the negative to this surmise.
  • Patricia turned, indignant at her levity in the face of trouble.
  • He was indignant at the luxury of these watchmen, toasting at their fire.
  • I could pile up indignant instances of the further harm the book has done.
  • As the doctor read, a look of indignant horror swept over his face.
  • He was indignant with Belgium for claiming national independence.
  • I told her all, and she was indignant at the treatment I had experienced.
  • It was said that Hera, indignant at the amours of her lord, retired to Euboae.
  • As though by agreement Attack poor Luka With indignant reproaches.
  • The indignant Titanus was right--there was no cowardice.
  • His mother fell!--Appear, indignant shade!

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