Indisputable in a sentence

Definition of Indisputable

Not disputable; not open to question; obviously true

Short Example Sentence for Indisputable

  • 1. There was the indisputable testimony.
  • 2. All these we suppose to be indisputable facts.
  • 3. The tonal result is indisputable evidence of this.
  • 4. All policies indisputable unless obtained by fraud.
  • 5. Here, however, was the indisputable fact.
  • 6. I am unable to describe the spot by any indisputable tokens.
  • 7. The facts here referred to are fully attested in indisputable records.
  • 8. This offers indisputable evidence of the common brotherhood of humanity!
  • 9. At this first drawing only the evident, the indisputable parts were drawn.
  • 10. The Henriade itself is there, the most indisputable of arguments.
  • 11. Is he the indisputable disposer of three, or perhaps four votes in the House?

How to use Indisputable in a Sentence?

  • 1. That has been done for me publicly by independent and altogether indisputable authority.
  • 2. I reserved these last until after the indisputable success of the official trials.
  • 3. The complete and indisputable defeat in which it resulted is therefore significant.
  • 4. He could hardly believe it, but the indisputable evidence of his eyes convinced him.
  • 5. When that time comes, that action will be determined in the line of indisputable right and duty.
  • 6. But, at least, the melodrama has one indisputable advantage over the realistic story.
  • 7. But without being in possession of hard, indisputable facts, how could they act?
  • 8. I was sorry that he had not, as it was one of the points on which I wanted indisputable evidence.
  • 9. This letter constitutes a genuine and indisputable will in favor of Jean Vernocq.
  • 10. But there is even better proof, aye, indisputable proof, that no sufficient cause existed, viz.
  • 11. Were there nothing else, it is indisputable we perform all actions better for having rehearsed them.
  • 12. It was not easy to believe, but there was on board the junk indisputable evidence that the boy spoke the truth.
  • 13. It also is the cheapest, quickest and more accurate method of recording indisputable time study records.
  • 14. But if there is a possible loss of energy, there is an indisputable gain in mental flexibility, in openness of mind.
  • 15. This is not a mere supposition invented to support the theory of natural selection, but is founded on a variety of indisputable facts.
  • 16. The notes were looked upon as realities, as indisputable facts, upon which the entire plan of the rising was constructed.
  • 17. To begin with, the fact that he had administered a narcotic to Florence constituted an indisputable proof.
  • 18. Nevertheless, it still remains an hypothesis; but for many it is an indisputable and inviolable dogma, raised far above all controversy.
  • 19. A belief so general, one would think, must rest on indisputable facts, and be a logical deduction from them.
  • 20. I shall, therefore, contend for nothing more than the clear, obvious, and indisputable duty of slaveholders.
  • 21. We knew, of course, that there could be no mistake, but it was pleasant to see the proof of our security in indisputable black and white.
  • 22. But, at the same time, it is indisputable that 99.9% of men and women in the world eat merely to please the palate.
  • 23. Or, waiving this, is it not indisputable that the claim of the State to the allegiance, involves the protection of the subject?
  • 24. But the most indisputable triumph of this thermodynamic statics is the discovery of the laws which regulate the changes of physical state or of chemical constitution.
  • 25. Many women believe that it is better that it should come from the hips than from the shoulders, but the testimony of all medical men is clear and indisputable on this subject.
  • 26. The concept of world citizenship is a direct result of the contraction of the world into a single neighbourhood through scientific advances and of the indisputable interdependence of nations.
  • 27. If there be any presumption in its favor, or in favor of the justice of its judgments, the presumption is as far from indisputable as a disputable presumption can ever be.
  • 28. It is indisputable that the whole nation loved her and honored her to the last, even when disappointments had saddened her and the intoxicating delusions of life had been dispelled.
  • 29. Taking the latter question first: it is indisputable that an enormous proportion of our commerce and manufactures is concerned with food and with articles required for the home.