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  • And then the indistinct talk of which she had spoken!
  • George nodded with an indistinct grunt.
  • There were indistinct words to the music.
  • Markings of carapace having of indistinct ocelli.
  • And the indistinct shadows of leaves.
  • Only an indistinct murmur reached his ears.
  • When she spoke her utterance was indistinct and mumbling.
  • Low and indistinct as they were, they had a familiar sound.
  • Calyx bell-shaped with two indistinct lips.
  • On the tail are several indistinct oblique stripes.
  • An indistinct body of men shot past her.
  • Litura: an indistinct spot, paler at its margin.
  • A most indistinct idea, this, but strongly persistent.
  • He had an indistinct remembrance of the fight but that was all.
  • She was not to be seen at the indistinct entrance of her cave.
  • We say that it is in the past when we preserve but an indistinct image of it.
  • Then indistinct mumbling and cackling laughter came through the telephone.
  • I had an indistinct view of a tall figure standing by the tent.
  • Her agitation increased, accompanied by an indistinct moaning.
  • Most specimens have a rather indistinct crescent; some have no crescent.
  • It seemed to him like the vague and indistinct throb of powerful engines.
  • The ranch buildings lay huddled and indistinct in the dim starlight.
  • Much indistinct speech is due to speaking through half-closed teeth.
  • In the dim light oozing into the passage we made out an indistinct figure.
  • Haze, soft and indistinct lay in the valley and on the hills.
  • There were varied opinions, expressed in indistinct mutterings.
  • Her lips moved uncertainly; an indistinct muttering followed.
  • At that moment he heard a low, indistinct sound on the water.
  • An indistinct murmur came down, after a vigorous struggle to get free.

How To Use Indistinct In A Sentence?

  • There was nothing vaporous or indistinct about the appearance of these spectres.
  • Ann was at last awakened to the pitch of an indistinct enquiry what was the matter.
  • There is no excuse whatever for our singers remaining so indistinct in their singing.
  • How vague and indistinct and undefined the ideas of most men are upon the subject!
  • The third dream installment had to do with something very indistinct but horribly terrifying.
  • The two hours which followed seem to me now but the indistinct space of a few minutes.
  • Horse and rider rapidly grew indistinct and vanished over the edge of the hollow.
  • The blotches are most distinct in small tadpoles and sometimes indistinct in large ones.
  • These people have indistinct notions about a deity, but they render him no homage.
  • He could see no one, and the voices were so indistinct that he failed to recognize them.
  • There seem to be three femoral pores on the left leg but the number is indistinct on the right.

Definition of Indistinct

(of an image etc) not clearly defined or not having a sharp outline; faint or dim | (of a thought, idea etc) hazy or vague | (of speech) difficult to understand through being muffled or slurred
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