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  • We should rise from the individual to the whole.
  • No one denies the right of the individual to cease work.
  • This it was for the individual to become a Christian.
  • Obligations of the Individual to God.
  • But how many does Mr. Savage want an individual to count?
  • It was not for the individual to pass upon any of these questions.
  • It would not do to permit each individual to hunt independently.
  • We cannot break the links which bind the individual to the race.
  • And you can trust that individual to see that these loans are well secured.
  • And the urgency of life requires the individual to pass such judgments.

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  • It is the willingness of the individual to sacrifice his welfare for the welfare of the group.
  • But the truth is that they vary from individual to individual in degree and structure.
  • Is it possible for any individual to experience in himself the entire result of his wrong-doing?
  • They belong to a mental condition which would conduct an individual to the prison or the gallows.
  • It should enable a single individual to superintend the colonies of many different persons.
  • Not, surely, the amount it would cost the individual to send his own particular letter.
  • Rev. Crath was a cheerful soul, an interesting and pleasant individual to talk to.
  • And it did not occur to her that neither of them had mentioned the individual to whom they referred.
  • He must have understood every relation of the individual to every other person through all the ages.
  • And that is not the mere insistence by the individual to have a voice and a vote in determining the social order.
  • His complaisance had been the more gratifying because she fancied it was not every woman who could bend such an individual to her will.
  • There is no civilised country in the world that any longer permits the individual to take the law into his own hands.
  • To proceed with the digression, to no one is the word more hateful than to the individual to whom it is applied.
  • It is always a bold undertaking in a private individual to become the advocate of a suffering people.
  • This requires only a sufficient degree of intelligence to enable the individual to escape classification as a mental incompetent.
  • They claim that a man who is worried cannot be efficient, and if he is not efficient he is not a dependable individual to have in their employ.
  • In general, what appears to each individual to be the truth about the future frequently does not turn out so in the event.
  • Is it ever right, for an individual to raise his hand against a recognized and established authority?
  • Usually this means the failure of some individual to regulate window shutters according to the position of the sun in the sky.
  • Still another part of the equipment that is not individual to the lines nor to the cord circuits is the calling-current generator.
  • It is the organ through which the universal spirit speaks to the individual, and strives to lead back the individual to it.
  • There is the instinct of the individual to preserve his own life, and there are rules that must be followed if the people are to survive.
  • It has been a ceaseless and irresistible growth from the individual to the family, to the tribe, to the nation.
  • Sometimes serious complications arise which may prove dangerous and require the individual to be confined to his bed for weeks.
  • The use of a dye on the feet of the individual to be trailed eliminates much of the difficulty of determining which tracks are to be followed.
  • Thackeray was a man of powerful build and a very direct manner, but to my mind was not an individual to be overpowered by sentiment.
  • Society, as it is called, is far more apt to pay its dues to the individual than the individual to society.
  • Less and less attention is paid by the individual to intruders, more and more is it disposed to pass beyond its accustomed limits.
  • It consigns the individual to his private mind, and cannot provide for the validity of knowledge enough even to maintain itself.
  • If it is the duty of an individual to return good for evil, then it is the duty of nations to return good for evil.
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