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  • The advertising managers started scabbing on the unorganized and individualistic poets and actually drove them off the job.
  • We are highly individualistic in our mode of life, as is shown both in domestic and in public affairs.
  • Only those among whom the northern race is predominant have developed individualistic forms of political and social organisation.
  • Then there will remain outside of capitalist machine-industry only that class of work which is artistic and therefore individualistic in character.
  • It is not illegal; it is quite the sort of thing that appeals to the individualistic frame of mind as entirely meritorious.
  • As may well be imagined, this uniquely individualistic view of the law made interesting legal history.
  • Under an individualistic system you may sell to the highest bidder, and anyone with money from anywhere may come in and buy.
  • Nevertheless after a heated argument he went wearily with Garry in a taxi, particularly individualistic in his attire.
  • The Wordsworths and Coleridges who patronized him were too self-opiniated and individualistic to be able to enter into either tradition.
  • The rigid principles of form, adhered to so scrupulously in the medium used, intensify, rather than detract from, his individualistic character.
  • It cannot be called either individualistic or socialistic; but it strives to be both at once, so that both man and society mean more to this age than they ever did before.
  • Through it he is constantly led, or forced, to control his individualistic impulses and to undertake action with regard to the welfare of the group rather than to his own private interest.
  • In doing so, they retained all the characteristic features of the individualistic family and have perpetuated them, together with the spirit of enterprise and independence, undiminished to the present day.
  • This "qualified assent" is precisely what excites the fury of such individualistic thinkers as Tolstoi and Bernard Shaw.
  • The more recent a profession the less there is of the individualistic personal reference; scientific research, for example, disavows and forbids every personal reference.
  • But while it is compatible with a robust faith in the powers of the constructive intellect, personalism is beyond question a self-sufficient, independent, individualistic doctrine.
  • The crises of war are historic necessities; they come when it is time to release people from the bondage of the past and to bring individualistic generations back to the sense of duty and of loyalty to great causes.

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  • But this argument is once more a return to the unsound individualistic view.

Definition of Individualistic

More interested in individual people than in society as a whole | Interested in oneself rather than others; egocentric | Having idiosyncratic behaviour or ideas
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