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  • That is its characteristic quality and does not contradict the indivisible truth in the least.
  • Since they are indivisible they can have no magnitude, for that which has magnitude is divisible.
  • I laughed in my joy of life and of motoring, which seemed one and indivisible just then.
  • For Democritus indivisible particles or atoms are fundamental to all phenomena.
  • In the indivisible experience of man he is conscious that they are parts or aspects of the same thing.
  • The velocity of his acts is an indivisible nature in them like the expansive tension in a spring compressed.
  • But in its first movement absolute idealism proposed to absorb him in the indivisible absolute self.
  • Death is the severance of the cord which unites these bodies in the seemingly indivisible web of earth-life.
  • It has been demonstrated to satiety that comparison exacts an indivisible centre that comprises the different terms of the comparison.
  • These indivisible units are called atoms, and atoms are therefore the ultimate constituents of matter.
  • If you persist in saying that the line is simply one and not many, then there arises the theory of indivisible units.
  • Such knowledge cannot be delegated to isolated co-laborers, but will be altogether missed if not loved and sought in its indivisible unity.
  • It all hung together; they were subject, he and the great vagueness, to an equal and indivisible law.
  • Humanity is indivisible in spite of our asserted exclusiveness, and nature is indivisible, too, in spite of specialism.
  • The soul is not a combination of elements, it is not composed of many atoms, it is of one indivisible substance and therefore eternal.
  • But the difficulty that it is impossible to conceive of units having magnitude which are yet indivisible is not satisfactorily explained by Hume.
  • Instead of regarding an atom as a solid indivisible particle, the tendency is to regard it as a vortex of energy, a centre of force.
  • The indivisible is thus rendered, in a way, smaller and smaller, but we are still unacquainted with what its substance may be.
  • Who of us, in fact, does not believe himself an indivisible being, one and identical, the same yesterday, to-day, and to-morrow?
  • According to Leucippus and Democritus, if matter were divided far enough, we should ultimately come to indivisible units.
  • Nothing is paid on the shares as interest or dividend, all profit being voted once for all to the ordinary reserve and the indivisible reserve, the latter the backbone of the system.
  • All such land was legally indivisible and inalienable and descended in its entirety to the successor, who might, or might not, be a relative of the occupant.
  • The soul, being of that one indivisible substance, can suffer neither disintegration nor destruction, therefore there is no reason for its coming to an end.
  • In the immanent simplicity of thought the unfolding still has its expansion, yet is all the while known as an indivisible coherence of the universal, simple, and eternal spirit in itself.
  • Every sin is a sin of the indivisible human being, and the divine reaction against it expresses itself to conscience through the indivisible frame of that world, at once natural and spiritual, in which man lives.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Indivisible | Indivisible Sentence

  • In that case it is a continuous indivisible unit.
  • Au nom de la très sainte et indivisible Trinité.
  • Never was Republic One and Indivisible at a lower ebb.
  • Where do we find any indivisible unit outside of our abstract conceptions?
  • Militza tells the Tsar "O thou one and indivisible God!

Definition of Indivisible

Incapable of being divided; atomic. | (arithmetic) Incapable of being divided by a specific integer without leaving a remainder. | That which cannot be divided or split.
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