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  • I have told the worst of our indoor plagues.
  • The indoor toilet in our barracks was very interesting.
  • The indoor programmes are again divided into two kinds.
  • I guess the varsity indoor practice will start soon.
  • A boy; at first outdoor clothes; indoor clothes underneath.
  • The Indoor Theatre . .
  • Such a view of the world comes not by prearranged and indoor interviews.
  • I've breathed indoor air long enough.
  • Place the indoor camp stove on a concrete base with zinc back of it.
  • And watch the indoor revel thro' the pane.
  • I knew of no suitable believing master who would take an indoor apprentice.
  • A little boiled rice flour improves its adhesiveness for indoor use.
  • Or perhaps you, my dear sir, have been chafing in an indoor job.
  • When indoor work becomes irksome go out of doors, try a walk.
  • Modern playbills may be described as of two classes, indoor and out-of-door.
  • If it were your lot to be an indoor servant you would know what I mean.

How To Use Indoor In A Sentence?

  • Fools like me alternated between the outdoor and indoor classes, not learning much of anything.
  • You must remember that open-air cooking is in many things quite different from indoor cooking.
  • The traveller's distaste for the monotony of town and indoor life spoke in his vehemence.
  • They had just returned from the gym, where the regular team had been practicing in preparation for the coming indoor meet.
  • The spirit of servility which is willing to learn second-hand lessons and adopt indoor conceptions spelled decadence to them.
  • She entered in one of the uncontrollable gales of laughter, the indoor heat immediately inducing the dizziness.
  • Up on the high bridge, isolated from all the indoor life of the passengers, there was another phase.
  • They ought to provide a large and well equipped gymnasium where both children and adults may enjoy athletic contests and indoor games.
  • As it is mainly the need for exercise that forces people out into the air, indoor life comes to be the main portion of existence.
  • A rainy day, and people passing with umbrellas disconsolately between the spectator and these various scenes of indoor occupation and comfort.
  • I do not know what your occupation is, but if it is indoor work you must plan to take a great deal of outdoor exercise every day.
  • The prince was clothed in a simple indoor robe, but there was something impressive about him, which made him remarked among all others.
  • Of course, most women will still continue to be mainly occupied with the indoor care of their families, and most men with their external support.
  • To be an indoor servant at all is to Crichton a badge of honour; to be a butler at thirty is the realisation of his proudest ambitions.
  • The outside work on the farm is done by horse, steam, or gasoline, but the indoor work is all done by woman-power.
  • While she felt the warmth of indoor comfort wafting about her, Amarita cast up a hesitating yet altogether happy look at her husband.
  • On dull days or damp ones Charles must bide at home in his cottage, or do little indoor jobs for his mistress.
  • There were food plants like coriander and coconut seedlings, ornamental plants such as money plants, creepers, and indoor decorative plants.
  • After destroying these, the next approach to cleansing Fairburn Hall was to discharge all the indoor domestics.
  • The indoor costume of the Persian lady must be somewhat trying at first to those accustomed to European toilettes.
  • Zaretti had jumped from a wagon-show to a three-ring combination that began its season with an indoor March opening, she was still a top-liner.
  • It is no more an act of favor than when the business manager of a firm pays out money to the unseen partner who directs the indoor business or runs the machinery.
  • Beneath the tin roofs of Ocean Avenue the indoor heat takes on the kind of intense density that is cotton in the mouth and ringing in the ears.
  • The men rose, leaving Bill engaged in his favorite indoor pastime, and intimated that Pete should go with them.

Definition of Indoor

Situated in, or designed to be used in, or carried on within the interior of a building.
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