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  • And the sentiment was indorsed by the others.
  • It has been indorsed by the action of the body at large.
  • Do not carry around indorsed cheques loosely.
  • This view is indorsed (indirectly) in the writings of Drs.
  • We can accept nothing which is not indorsed by popes and councils.
  • A customer asks for a loan of $62,000 on indorsed paper.
  • Mary Rose had to have that theory indorsed before she could be quite sure.
  • Laud indorsed these papers respectively October 7 and 15, 1637.
  • Brayley had indorsed his work in his consultation with Mr. Crawford.
  • Twelve slips of paper were handed out, to be indorsed guilty, "for form.

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  • There was a hush, while a loud scratching pen indorsed the record of acquittal.
  • In England all cheques apparently properly indorsed are paid without identification.
  • In England all cheques apparently properly indorsed are paid without identification.
  • It is signed by the foreman, indorsed "a true bill," and carried by the jury into court.
  • The stranger, who indorsed the statement, looked first at Lane and then at me in sidelong fashion.
  • If he fails to pay it, his creditors will have something to say to me, for I indorsed the note.
  • West he stopped at Chicago and submitted his inaugural to Douglas, who also indorsed his policy.
  • Society indorsed her choice so emphatically and universally that she was sure she had made no mistake.
  • The captain indorsed the judge's mandate, and sustained his judgment with internal warmth.
  • His opinion that it is entirely distinct from any other language has been indorsed by Buschmann and other authorities.
  • He indorsed the economical reforms of his great minister, and rewarded merit in all departments, which he was not slow to see.
  • The borrower gives a note for the sum wanted, signed by himself, and indorsed by one or more others as sureties.
  • What Bacon ordered in the heat of passion was indorsed by sober reason, and it was resolved to burn the town.
  • The view here stated, and indorsed by modern science, is one which ought to have great weight with the mother, her relatives and friends.
  • In the next paper in the same volume, also indorsed by Laud, the controversy is more fully set forth.
  • In vain do you show your passport, indorsed by the Spanish consul at the port from which you embarked in America.
  • No treaty was actually entered into with Germany, but I cannot see that that should stand in the way when both nations indorsed the principle.
  • Africa is beginning to wear shirts, and the stamp of more than one Yankee manufacturer has been indorsed on the backs of many African chiefs.
  • This action has been indorsed by the Legislature, and the action of that body is hereafter to be of the same character as the funds paid in by its creatures.
  • In the way of business a bill indorsed by your Company and a certain Bertrand Kleinwort came into our hands some time since.
  • No perception of a new power, no sympathy with the abandonment to a specialty not indorsed by fashions and traditions, but without which abandonment genius cannot easily be developed.
  • My request for leave of absence was lying on the table approved and recommended by Negley and Thomas, but indorsed not granted by Rosecrans.
  • Some of the bosses, however, insisted that they would not only vote against the signing clause, but would refuse to put it into execution if it should be indorsed by a full meeting.
  • That sardonic smile still curving his wide lips, he turned over the check and carefully indorsed it; across the back of the paper he wrote the same name which he had signed to the note.

Definition of Indorsed

simple past tense and past participle of indorse
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