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  • Godfrey indulged himself in the pleasure of spreading out all his treasure on the beach.
  • That pastime should not be indulged which tends to the detriment of a fellow-creature.
  • For the Erewhonians hold that unalloyed virtue is not a thing to be immoderately indulged in.
  • There was a time when men and women indulged freely in satire, irony, and repartee.
  • Geoffrey, I understand, has indulged in a bungalow three sizes too large for him.
  • Perhaps I have indulged her too much, and not begun early enough to subdue her violent temper.
  • And Kiddo had indulged in a stroke of magnificence that no other Jago would have thought of.
  • I was indulged in every whim, and I grew up as selfish and capricious as I was beautiful.
  • He had an idea that he could now understand the sensations of people who had indulged too freely in some sort of drug.
  • Indeed, the facial antics in which he indulged rather suggested the anticipation of malevolent triumph.
  • Robert's stiff black face melted a little as he indulged in a lover-like dream.
  • At this there was a round of approval, as near general applause as that stolid folk ever indulged in.
  • These indulged in the strangest flights at breeding time, and it was then that we used to capture the greatest numbers.
  • The plunge bath is specially depressing to every human energy, and should never be indulged by the debilitated.
  • The picture he mentally drew was so satisfactory that he indulged in another hoarse hollow laugh that was ugly upon the ear.
  • We have seen how evil passions indulged were like a seed of sin, growing and spreading into a mighty and poisonous tree.
  • From the embrace in which he and the frog and I indulged my lace and cambric came out much the worse.
  • Here the good woman stopped a moment, indulged in a pinch of snuff, and tried to arrange her thoughts.
  • It is not necessary to wait until a real yawn presents itself, but frequent practice in imitating a yawn may be indulged in with good results.
  • If the wedding happens to be held in the evening, dancing is about the only amusement indulged in, and this follows an elaborate wedding supper.
  • Before a well-spread table his desire to eat would become simply furious, and it was indulged regardless of quality and quantity.
  • There was nothing astonishing in the disappointment; the only marvel was that I should have indulged in so foolish a fancy for so long.
  • The trance of possession seemed, with her, to be a form of dissipation, in which she indulged as she might have catered for a baser appetite.
  • There were certain dreams she indulged in of the future, now hopefully, now utterly disheartened, that she was so far away from their realization.
  • At first, drink is indulged not without a sense of wrongdoing, but with that feeling of power in reserve to keep within the limits of safety.
  • A practice indulged in by boys and young men is that of bird-catching by means of nets, snares, or bird-lime twigs.
  • She essayed to turn herself into a kind of vegetable; read nothing, talked to no one but the children, indulged in no kind of mental occupation.
  • The "gentle art" of fishing is largely indulged in as a recreation, and the Bosphorus yields excellent sport.
  • There is as much selfishness in an exaggerated display of sorrow as there is in any act that is indulged in in order to more or less command admiration.
  • Mr. King and Hiram indulged in all kinds of conjectures as to the possible motive of the party of three in stealing the aircraft.
  • From the very commencement of the Revolution General Luckner indulged in violent sallies against her.
  • Although wine is forbidden by the Mohammedan faith, it is largely indulged in, in secret, by Persians of the upper class.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Indulged | Indulged Sentence

  • Newspapers formerly indulged in it freely.
  • I indulged in no vain and worldly recriminations.
  • The mob indulged in some lively work.
  • I have never indulged in even the idlest flirtation.
  • Mr. Vawdrey indulged in a suppressed yawn.
  • It was the most fallacious dream that a really astute man ever indulged in.
  • Lite never indulged in liquid celebrations, and Jean knew it.
  • Horse-racing is seldom indulged in in Turkey, except among European residents.

Definition of Indulged

Having had all desires, wishes, and whims granted; having been brought up lavishly, wanting for nothing. | simple past tense and past participle of indulge
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