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  • Originally the industrial units were held together in one homogeneous commercial setting.
  • In passing from building to building, attention was paid to the industrial features of the work.
  • He went to the people, especially in the great industrial centers, and told them the truth.
  • That an immense field lies open in India for industrial development need scarcely be argued.
  • The social system of the greatest, world-ruling industrial State was shaken to its foundations.
  • Let A and B represent respectively the industrial operations of spinning and manufacturing.
  • An army of workmen was gathered together in a new industrial city between Brentford and Hounslow.
  • What is their industrial and class warfare but an attempt to enforce the doctrine of might is right?
  • There is no industrial art in which the advancement of the times has been followed more closely by practical application than in telephony.
  • For this and the development of the industrial program necessary for military efficiency the support of labor was essential.
  • In some states this evil has been recognized by legislation prohibiting the combination of industrial and merchandising functions.
  • This now shelters a Colonial Museum and a Museum of Industrial Art, both of great interest.
  • It is not a unit in relation to the industrial organization, but in its productive function is usually broken up by it.
  • The organization of family life that has grown up parallel with the industrial system assumes her presence in the home.
  • The excess of virility has the same importance in general history, as in private and industrial life.
  • Especially as they are related to the economy of nature, to industrial processes, and to the public health.
  • Another fact to which attention should be called is the adjustment in family life required by contact with the modern industrial system.
  • First emphasis must be laid upon the point that it was not mechanical change alone which constituted the industrial revolution.
  • It was agreed that we must have a motor of our own, which could be manufactured rapidly under the conditions of our present industrial system.
  • One of the peculiarities of the life of these ascendant families of the industrial class to which wealth has come, is its tremendous insulations.
  • He examined closely into its mineral and timber resources and gave great attention to its future agricultural and industrial possibilities.
  • The industrial relationships between employer and employee may be such that subsidy for housing by employer would hinder rather than help.
  • The industrial occupations specially identified with the cotton trade are bleaching, dyeing, and calico-printing.
  • On the contrary, in every industrial enterprise, you are sure to find one or more bourgeois who work very hard.
  • Firstly it allows of differentiation of industrial processes, and this, of necessity, is accompanied by increasing returns.
  • The Alumni have been much interested in the development of the industrial department, and have contributed for that purpose.
  • It is often urged against industrial insurance that it makes no real provision for dependents, and merely pays for a somewhat elaborate funeral.
  • In the modern American industrial community, however, the family as a whole is generally divorced from land.
  • In many of the industrial parts of Germany English conditions are evolving, but they are not generally the rule.
  • My object in writing this work has been that of aiding in the art-education of those who seek a knowledge of ornament as applied to our industrial manufactures.
  • Our public schools have been the chief source of the greater general intelligence and hence the industrial superiority of our citizens over those of other countries.
  • Any observer of industrial economics might have discovered it to move up or down in unison with the current amount visible of the circulating medium.
  • Thanks to industrial progress, a pair of stockings, which used to be worth six francs, has successively been worth only four, three, and two.
  • Watertown even then was a rich and promising industrial center and there seemed to be genuine financial opportunities for a railroad that would connect it with the outer world.
  • It had access to tillable land, and was an essential part of an industrial system that is still organically related to the stage of development of the country.
  • They ignored the fact that their life here on Capella IV was possible only by application of modern industrial technology.

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  • On Monday the Industrial and Grade work was exhibited.
  • The only drawback on this industrial conveniency is the darkness of its sky.
  • Or is spiritual dependence necessarily incompatible with industrial pursuits?
  • We shall not try to be engaged in this uphill work of industrial boycott.

Definition of Industrial

Of or relating to industry, notably manufacturing. | Produced by such industry. | Used by such industry.
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