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  • There he worked as industriously as before.
  • Lenz set himself industriously to work.
  • They left him industriously at work.
  • He is now industriously climbing the ladder of promotion.
  • Lenz worked on again industriously till evening.
  • Harry was up at an early hour industriously scrubbing away.
  • Stacy began digging industriously with knife and hands.
  • Graze industriously as he would, it was hard to get enough.
  • They had been talking very industriously until the door opened.
  • He was swimming industriously to keep from being swept down with the current.
  • And this opinion had been industriously furthered by the loyal party.
  • Added to this, she invariably chewed gum quite as industriously as she danced.
  • Sally looked boldly at Rose as she sat industriously working.
  • She, (the girl) was industriously plying the needle, when lo!
  • Morrison was industriously addressing Pierre, but talking at Luna.

How To Use Industriously In A Sentence?

  • Clarke has been making notes industriously all the year and is about ready to publish.
  • Grasshoppers tatted industriously and impartially among the daisies and the violets.
  • Both of them were industriously winding the fine spun thread upon the twirling spindles.
  • Early as was the hour, palace maids were industriously serving squarefaces of gin.
  • The sergeant industriously wrote down everything in his note-book, a greasy and forbidding one.
  • To this great end, all that human ingenuity could invent was industriously set to work.
  • So Calhoun industriously concentrated his fire on the man trying to get above him.
  • So Calhoun industriously concentrated his fire on the man trying to get above him.
  • But, work as industriously as he would, his small society left him time for other activities.
  • The boys have worked faithfully and industriously in the timber on Saturday forenoons.
  • Repairs are duly made; or, when demolished by storms, it is industriously rebuilt.
  • I was smoking industriously under the alley-way, and Tordoff came and loafed near me.
  • This they built in the form of a biplane glider and with it they experimented industriously for years.
  • Everything was dripping with the water industriously splashed to this side and to that by the serving man.
  • It also shows the importance of young people industriously and economically doing what they can to help themselves.
  • This view is industriously encouraged by the conservative and even accepted by not a few of those whose sympathies are with democracy.
  • One of them is lounging in a lazy rocking-chair, while the other sits more primly and is industriously sewing.
  • Stacy scraped industriously for a time, then lighting a match applied it to the spot on which he had been working.
  • He had not replied to it sooner, because he had been industriously thinking of fitting things to say in reply.
  • He had been too industriously engrossed, either to wonder or to care where the brute had recently been lurking.
  • All the poets were seeking for beauty, but the scientists had been industriously trying to drive beauty out of the world.
  • That one thing was that while the face listened reposefully the legs were industriously dancing like the legs of a marionette.
  • If an engraving of distant scenery or foreign buildings is shown, do not industriously point out inaccuracies.
  • Most of them were seated at their stalls, and industriously plying their needles, when not occupied in serving customers.
  • He began his memoranda industriously enough, and the volume might have been as charming and as valuable as any he has left behind.

Definition of Industriously

In an industrious manner.
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