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How To Use Inebriate In A Sentence?

  • A few years since, a poor inebriate was carried to a London hospital in a state of intoxication.
  • The shopping inebriate is too much of a factor in our commercial prosperity to make such a thing as that popular.
  • Pagans are depicted as above all things inebriate and lawless, whereas they were above all things reasonable and respectable.
  • This gentleman was at one time an actor on the stage, and subsequently became an inebriate of the most degraded kind.
  • Dr. Portugaloff recommends the establishment of inebriate dispensaries in connection with police stations.
  • The craving of the inebriate for drink is changed into positive aversion in a day, and after a treatment of eight or ten days the patient may be discharged.
  • As albumen enters so largely into the composition of the brain, is not the impaired intellect and moral degradation of the inebriate attributable to the effect of alcohol in hardening the albumen of this organ?
  • I left them in what remains of a little barricaded and fortified hotel disputing away in rather a foolish fashion, because they were more or less inebriate and the sun had burned them badly.
  • What will the elder brother of Kesava, the mighty-armed Baladeva, clad in blue and inebriate with wine, say, when he returneth?
  • She devotes her life to the care of the inebriate man, and, by way of pathetic retribution, she lives precisely long enough to nurse him back to sanity.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Inebriate | Inebriate Sentence

  • Like that of the inebriate for his cups, 340.
  • It was a bright spring morning, one of those days which inebriate one.
  • The balls would not stay on the track; the pins stood at inebriate angles.
  • Lillah runs a home for inebriate women in the Deptford Road," she continued.

Definition of Inebriate

intoxicated; drunk | (transitive) To cause to be drunk; to intoxicate. | (transitive, figuratively) To disorder the senses of; to exhilarate, elate or stupefy as if by spirituous drink.
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