Inelegant In A Sentence

Definition of Inelegant

Not elegant; not exhibiting neatness, refinement, or precision.

How To Use Inelegant In A Sentence?

  • A sudden, forcible, inelegant oath, ripped forth by the blind captain, startled the group.
  • Never was there such a chance, he thinks, for clearing away the rubbish which has accumulated for generations in our clumsy, inelegant language.
  • According to these writers, Phaon was a good-looking young brute engaged in the not inelegant occupation of ferryman.
  • It is not, however, without faults; some lines are inelegant or improper, and too many are irreligiously licentious.
  • If you want tew take the starch out ov a novelty, just set it to work at sumthing useful, it bekums inelegant to onst.
  • A very trifling and yet important thing that every woman should know is that it is exceedingly inelegant in rising from a chair to raise herself by pressure on the arms.
  • There had been a marvellous story going the round of the papers, of a shower of the inelegant reptiles in question having fallen in some part of the kingdom.
  • But a dainty little cupboard can no more entertain black coal and inelegant firewood and keep its daintiness than a mind can entertain black thoughts and yet be sweet.
  • We have long needed a manual of horsemanship, to correct the inelegant habits in which many of our riders indulge, and to produce uniformity in the art of equitation.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Inelegant | Inelegant Sentence

  • It is an inelegant word; it is an inelegant feeling.
  • His Imitation of Horace on Lucilius is not inelegant or unhappy.

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