Inertia In A Sentence

Definition of Inertia

(physics, uncountable or countable) The property of a body that resists any change to its uniform motion; equivalent to its mass. | (figuratively) In a person, unwillingness to take action. | (medicine) Lack of activity; sluggishness; said especially of the uterus, when, in labour, its contractions have nearly or wholly ceased.

How To Use Inertia In A Sentence?

  • Just how fatal was that inertia is known only to those who formed some of the burial-parties.
  • The inertia of the moving parts was so great that clearness of articulation was interfered with.
  • We depend on its inertia to inform the brain when perturbations are pulling it off course.
  • Not all the inertia of the critics and the public has succeeded in suppressing the vital spirit.
  • But from this fact there followed much lukewarmness and inertia in certain sections.
  • The varieties of this lack of power and inertia are familiar to every physician.
  • The diversion of inertia was a more severe blow than a meteor collision would have been.
  • This strange inertia seems to possess institutions and customs as well as life itself.
  • We have to overcome not only the original inertia of nature, but also a contrary habit.
  • The inertia gave way to a state of turbulence, which burned like a consuming fever.
  • He had reached inertia of mind before his conversation that night with Jones was finished.
  • Party feeling, as Sir H. Maine rightly said, is frequently a remedy for the inertia of democracy.
  • A very large number of these are at first glance seen to be only instances of inertia being affected.
  • They hadn't quite anticipated all of the sweetly undeviating inertia of her mind.
  • To deliver man from the control of his natural inertia he must be touched by some strong compelling power.
  • If this mean anything, it is that a device in which inertia is absolutely eliminated might do very much better.
  • The heaviness of his descending bulk dragged him down and away from her, the awful inertia of lifeless flesh.
  • Complete inertia will leave the consumer in peace, the essential condition of every satisfactory repast.
  • That was the reason people had to be helped, because they preferred vicious inertia to the efforts and risks of change.
  • Some people consider mental or moral inertia the chief force that sustains the corrupt political boss.
  • It is consistent with natural law that created minds should affect the inertia of certain forms of matter directly.
  • Such a language failed to carry the prestige necessary to overcome the immense inertia which any attempt to adopt it would meet with.
  • There were days of the black kind of inertia when to lift the head from its sullen inclination to rest chin on chest was not to be endured.
  • It is to miss out quite one of the major characteristics of the nation to discount this inertia which pervades every side of life.
  • Innovators, even in our own culture, have a very hard time working against the great inertia of a recognized theory.
  • No one was able to fear thieves or to escape pillage, because of absolute physical inertia forced upon him.
  • We shall see when we treat of these theories, how we have been led to suppose that inertia depended on velocity and even on direction.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Inertia | Inertia Sentence

  • Mental inertia for one.
  • And then inertia suddenly seized him.
  • His very inertia robbed them of their impetus.
  • One such barrier is the inertia of local organizations.
  • Those who would pull back are by our very inertia cast off.
  • Nothing on earth can cure the inertia of Ireland.
  • The inertia of her mind carried her to the ultimate logic of her life.
  • To fight inertia on the one hand and to study this queer girl on the other.
  • You know how this inertia steals over me, and envelops me in a sort of cloud.
  • But many heads did not move at all, and he knew what their inertia meant.
  • It adds to the tree's inertia and power to resist storms.
  • If these unite, may not inertia be neutralised as well as gravity?
  • His inertia left it for a bolder man, who was soon in his wake.

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