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How To Use Inevitable In A Sentence?

  • That individual is a result of the cosmic order, the inevitable product of cause and effect.
  • It was inevitable that I should be on the most familiar terms with his children also.
  • On the table beside him stood the inevitable bottle of Scotch and numerous soda bottles.
  • Establish the League, and the League would rectify the inevitable mistakes of the treaty.
  • It was inevitable from the outset that Mr. Wilson could never get the peace that he had expected.
  • If they answer: No, the conclusion is inevitable that the Christian faith is an uncertain thing.
  • And what will hasten this crisis is the inevitable result from a fact noticed as yet only for ostentation.
  • It was hard for him to go on, for it was now but a struggle against the formality of a surrender that had been inevitable from the beginning.
  • It was inevitable that the country would listen to him in his newest and greatest role as organizer of victory.
  • Landlord and capitalist had robbed and enslaved the workers, and were driving them quite automatically to inevitable insurrection.
  • Such are the inevitable inconsistencies of the best thinkers, when the feelings of the heart are at war with the notions of the head.
  • Such, as we have seen, are the inevitable logical consequences of this boasted scheme of necessity.
  • She began to shiver, thinking it must be her father come for the intimate explanatory talk which was inevitable between them.
  • With her father, her mother and the others, the inevitable introduction would be shorn of its danger.
  • It seemed inevitable that they would all come down together like grapes in the wine-press, heaped up in a sea of heads.
  • It seemed inevitable that he would plow into them traveling at that terrific pace, and add one more life to the toll of the disaster.
  • They say that society, when left to itself, rushes to inevitable destruction, because its instincts are perverse.
  • He was calm, his heart beat regularly, like that of a man resolved upon a dangerous but inevitable undertaking.
  • After that age the risks begin; responsibility comes, and with it the cares, the sorrows, and the inevitable tragedy.
  • The first is to quit at the end of the year, and to restore the house in good repair, saving the inevitable decay resulting from mere duration.
  • When the spirit is enfranchised I can understand that one may lead a very noble life in cheerfully submitting to the inevitable misfortune.
  • With so many spies about, it was almost inevitable that the active part that the young councillor was playing would become known to Government.
  • Perry also gained the gratitude of the Moravians, in whose district the contest took place, by his care in relieving the inevitable evils of war.
  • The inevitable result was that Germany became in a flash the scene of a nation-wide "drive" for spies, real or imaginary.
  • A few moments later Courtlandt saw a smile of malice part her lips, for he found himself between Celeste and the inevitable frump.
  • He had to say (and it was of course his painful duty) that the unprecedented delay in the commencement of the performance was occasioned by an inevitable and most unexpected accident.
  • That has become an inevitable element of our politics; and, for their votes, each of the dominant parties courts and assists them to get it executed.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Inevitable | Inevitable Sentence

  • Hesitations were inevitable in such a matter.
  • The inevitable consequences ensued.
  • In six months the inevitable had happened.
  • Degeneracy is the inevitable lot of unlimited power.
  • His daughters were the inevitable children of his life.
  • For, if true, what is its inevitable consequence?
  • The summons was very near; the dread inevitable impended.
  • Their interests were too common to escape such inevitable consolidation.
  • And the inevitable result of this principle is individual liberty.
  • Such shades of meaning are inevitable and serve useful purposes.
  • Stretching forth his hands, he selected the inevitable paper.
  • When this line is once fixed upon, it seems inevitable to go farther.
  • The poet only sees it as an inevitable step in the path of the Creator.

Definition of Inevitable

Impossible to avoid or prevent. | Predictable, or always happening. | Something that is predictable, necessary, or cannot be avoided.
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