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  • Profanity is the last and most inexcusable sin committed against good manners and propriety.
  • This shows how absolutely inexcusable has been the whole policy for three entire weeks.
  • You were well paid here but lost your situation by inexcusable cruelty to dumb animals.
  • He died as he had lived, and his last act was one of perfectly inexcusable bungle.
  • Why had she been guilty of the inexcusable madness, the inexplicable folly, of this voyage?
  • It is still more inexcusable among the hills, where the grass keeps green all the year round.
  • So perhaps it was not altogether inexcusable that he flung himself on the floor by the bedside and broke down.
  • It it really inexcusable in my brother not to have provided wine, as it is so beneficial and necessary to me.
  • They fell on a time of profound and inexcusable ignorance on the subjects they discussed, and they did not spare it.
  • But even this was overlooked by his friends at the time, and has not been considered as entirely inexcusable by posterity.
  • This vicious propensity is apt to involve a very good boy in a useless and inexcusable warfare against the feathered tribes.
  • Accordingly, the least resistance to power appears more inexcusable in our eyes than the greatest abuses of authority.
  • The game was draw poker, and a hand consisting of six cards would have been an inexcusable vulgarity.
  • But a lie is inexcusable on any occasion, especially when used to conceal the truth from one who has no authority to demand it.
  • We are on good terms with them, and it would be inexcusable to employ any new men whose maintenance would be a heavy expenditure.
  • Or, more inexcusable still, men will often be so foolish as to try to clear out the drill hole and remove the missed cartridge.
  • Kipps, I say, felt himself a creature of outer darkness, an inexcusable intruder in an altitudinous world.
  • It would be an inexcusable narrowness to confine that chapter of applied psychology which is to deal with the psychomedical problems to the work of psychotherapy.
  • So far from being abashed when he saw me, he took the occasion to tell me what he will, I know, pardon me for thinking an inexcusable untruth.
  • Accidents caused by kicking caboose cars in which men are resting are of altogether too frequent occurrence, and are as inexcusable as they are frequent.
  • Goya (who is as much to blame for it as either Courbet or Titian) would have considered its shallowness an inexcusable vulgarity.
  • Nevertheless it must be admitted that there have been from time to time cases of brutality towards natives sufficiently gross and inexcusable to create a very deplorable impression.
  • The progress made in sanitary science in the present century renders unnecessary and inexcusable in 1898 a rate of sickness and mortality that was perhaps inevitable in 1762.
  • His fault was not cowardice, but a lack of caution, an utter and inexcusable lack of that prudence and foresight which are as indispensable in a commander as personal courage itself.
  • He lived at a time when calumny was rife, and various slanders were circulated regarding him, but fortunately the slightest examination proves them to have been inexcusable fabrications.
  • If any one publish a work of pure art, it is entirely inexcusable to suggest any illustrations of it from his life or condition, unless by his own express or implied permission.
  • The blood of my brothers, the tyes of nature, and the sentiments of friendship, would render the least negligence on my part inexcusable with the world and with my own conscience.
  • The inexcusable negligence of persons who make use of copper vessels has been productive of mortality, so much more terrible, as they have exerted their action on a great number of persons at once.
  • I was mortified enough at this mishap, for I prided myself on my coolness and marksmanship, and here was a failure apparently more inexcusable than any that had occurred.
  • By inexcusable carelessness on my part, candles had been altogether forgotten in the replenishing of the supplies, and a little piece an inch long which we found loose in the grub box was all that we possessed.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Inexcusable | Inexcusable Sentence

  • The most inexcusable unfitness is venereal disease.
  • Why-ing in a man is as inexcusable as whining in a woman.
  • There are few things recorded of him more utterly inexcusable than this.
  • The using of them is just as downright and inexcusable a lie.
  • Forgive any inexcusable rudeness in leaving the first box with you.
  • To him it was such inexcusable foolishness, in view of many things.
  • We had an inexcusable dread that perhaps he would make a mess of the meeting.
  • First that infantile, inexcusable business of the shutters, and now this!
  • This is inexcusable folly, and always brings serious trouble sooner or later.
  • To Trudy's mind it was a most stupid situation; also an inexcusable one.

Definition of Inexcusable

not excusable
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