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  • He had inexhaustible patience.
  • There is inexhaustible promise in the fact.
  • But nature is inexhaustible in all her creations.
  • The abuse of words is an inexhaustible subject.
  • Why it is an almost inexhaustible source of creation.
  • Its interest is inexhaustible and grows steadily.
  • Let us seek to dwell much on this inexhaustible theme.
  • It seems like sinking a shaft into an inexhaustible mine.
  • Marvelous, inexhaustible Minnie?
  • Bring me some claret out of that inexhaustible cabinet of yours.
  • Always before there had been an inexhaustible source wherefrom to draw.
  • For the human soul is a theme as inexhaustible as it is paramount.
  • Don gritted his teeth and worked in an inexhaustible spurt of endurance.
  • God is inexhaustible in his charity, as he is inexhaustible in his essence.
  • His fancy fertile, and his inventive faculty inexhaustible in its resources.
  • He had an inexhaustible fund of subtle resource, an ingratiating impudence.
  • But as a philosopher he really was a joy for ever, an inexhaustible buffoon.
  • Her kicks, too, were as admirable in quality as inexhaustible in quantity.
  • He drew forth from the inexhaustible hat a slip of paper, and began to write.
  • Four of our Venetians had trained voices and memories of inexhaustible music.
  • The inexhaustible fertility displayed by Kepler is a psychologic marvel.
  • For truly this Roman soil seems inexhaustible in buried treasures.

How To Use Inexhaustible In A Sentence?

  • Who can it be that possesses this inexhaustible fertility of invention and kindness of heart?
  • By the inexhaustible force of his poetic genius he created literature for all time.
  • The sea has ever been an inexhaustible subject for the pens of most classes of writers.
  • His quaint humor was inexhaustible and some of his bright utterances will never perish.
  • He was a stout man with a beaming smile and an inexhaustible supply of good temper.
  • The coalition represented one hundred millions of people with inexhaustible resources.
  • Day after day you could catch your required number from an apparently inexhaustible supply.
  • Unluckily, too, the credulity of dupes is as inexhaustible as the invention of knaves.
  • And more tears followed indefinitely, as though springing from an inexhaustible source.
  • Her errors proceeded from an inexhaustible fund of activity, which demanded perpetual employment.
  • They go to it as to an inexhaustible fountain, and drink from it streams of sacred light and joy.
  • His inexhaustible funds were the life of hundreds of factories, his ships were on every sea.
  • The universal existence, or truth, is the inexhaustible object of the human mind.
  • They learned of inexhaustible timber: so ships and dwellings and industrial works could be built.
  • It is only as woman fades that we realize the versatility, the inexhaustible resources, of woman.
  • Beyond these lie the inexhaustible sources of impulse in the essence of Mind itself.
  • Her fantastic, impassioned, and mutable nature would yield an inexhaustible amusement.
  • Love is an enormous capital, an inexhaustible source of happiness, as great as youth and health.

Definition of Inexhaustible

Impossible to exhaust; unlimited.
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