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  • There was something inexorable in him.
  • The same inexorable destiny awaits them all.
  • But the inexorable movements of the crew continued.
  • Let her sin receive its meet and inexorable punishment!
  • Janey was an inexorable reader, now that she had begun.
  • I groaned, but that inexorable board continued to spell.
  • Young man, Destiny is less inexorable than it appears.
  • Nature was taking inexorable toll for his conquest of the constable.
  • Justice is always uncompromising in its claims and inexorable in its demands.
  • It proceeds on its inexorable course without consulting our sensations.
  • The applauses of the crowd are not able to silence this inexorable witness.
  • The inexorable unwritten law which forbids overt scandal sentenced me.
  • We may say this, but the inexorable logic of facts refute our opinions.
  • It was terrifying, the inexorable advance of that colossal, fantastic monster.
  • He averted his dull inexorable eyes, for he dared not give way to sympathy.
  • This is the moment, therefore, for us to frame our inexorable resolution.
  • Here, there, a form sank, the inexorable phalanx closed and swept onward.
  • I next my inexorable widow, Eustace beside his calm and comely partner.
  • But the years--the inexorable years--were there!

How To Use Inexorable In A Sentence?

  • But all such conjectures must fall before the inexorable logic of accomplished results.
  • He would acknowledge no exception to the rule of an absolute justice and an inexorable love.
  • It seemed as if she had withdrawn herself, by her own will, for some inexorable reason.
  • And they are carried out, with inexorable logic, into all their most revolting results.
  • Patriotism is inexorable and, like all insatiable monsters, demands all or nothing.
  • We decided their curiosity was insolent, declared inexorable war, and there and then felt better.
  • You do not know that I am compelled to haunt this place year after year by inexorable fate.
  • This old Calvinistic system of error lays the penalty of the inexorable law upon Christ.
  • The indictment put forward with such inexorable precision comprised the very core of his whole vile plot.
  • An inexorable anxiety held them both near the gangway until it was cast off and the boat began to draw away from the pier.
  • Still again, and briefly, is justice an inexorable law like the law of gravitation or can its operation have exceptions?
  • We have outlived the inexorable passions of our ancestors, and their undying loves and hatreds, sacrifices and revenges.
  • Phalaris, that was inexorable to all other enemies, relented at the charms of Stesichorus his muse.
  • A few yards away, they could hear the soft purring of the six-cylinder engine, inexorable reminder of the passing moments.
  • He viewed his shrunken body, knew that he stooped and shuffled, realized that he had paid the inevitable, the inexorable price for the secret.
  • Sooner can the Mississippi river be drained of its waters than the inexorable Past be obliterated from the mind of man.
  • They were, and are, inexorable mortgages on the labor of millions of workers, men, women and children, of all occupations.
  • Art, literature, the drama, the privacy of the mails, in fact, our most intimate tastes, are at the mercy of this inexorable tyrant.
  • The Catholic theologians never recognized this right in the sense that Luther understood it, and to which he was pushed by inexorable logic.
  • As always, the inexorable "Not for you" rose like a barred gate between him and the lucid country the white road threaded.
  • Perhaps our sense of responsibility for the future is an illusion; perhaps we are driven by an inexorable logic of history, and we do not after all choose what our world shall be.

Definition of Inexorable

Impossible to prevent or stop; inevitable. [from mid 16th c.] | Unable to be persuaded; relentless; unrelenting. [from mid 16th c.] | Adamant; severe.
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