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  • She has no infallible dramatic instinct.
  • This sign is far from being an infallible one.
  • He had one infallible cure for dejection.
  • It was the old infallible method, he knew.
  • He has very little respect for the infallible Pope.
  • This I take to be almost an infallible maxim.
  • Prayer has often proved itself an infallible recipe for dejection.
  • In my own experience I have found this to be the one infallible test.
  • The Paraclete was not only an instructor, but he was an infallible guide.
  • In Normandy the noise is considered an infallible presage of death.
  • The only real 'warrant' is the authority of the infallible Church.
  • I suppose that even a Lord Chancellor does not claim infallible wisdom.
  • To Mr. Gibney this was an infallible sign that McGuffey was now delirious.

How To Use Infallible In A Sentence?

  • It is no reproach on woman to say that she is not infallible on particular questions.
  • Even infallible principles can have but imperfect application because of local limitations.
  • There is another dooryard with its infallible index finger pointing to tell a tale.
  • The infallible index of true progress is found in the tone the man takes.
  • Physical science is like simple addition: it is either infallible or it is false.
  • Indeed on rare occasions the mad fit again would threaten; but the infallible remedy was at hand.
  • The infallible page of history establishes their humility, meekness, and moderation.
  • This can be kept in a corked bottle, and is infallible in removing iron-rust, and ink-stains.
  • In other respects also she was like a Pope, and was infallible with almost indecent frequency.
  • Although this seemed a superfluous proceeding, he declared himself infallible on July 18, 1870.
  • An infallible method of remembering proper names is (1) Get the name when introduced.
  • The Bible is an infallible revelation from God in regard to his own character, will and works.
  • It is difficult to find a proof of infallible and supernatural wisdom in the evolution of which these are the last terms.
  • The doctor has one characteristic and infallible sign by which he can ascertain whether the woman be pregnant with twins.
  • We are not dealing with an infallible and unchangeable wisdom, to oppose which in our thoughts would be madness.
  • Because we cannot at present form an infallible creed, should we beware of seeking to form a creed at all?
  • It is by no means my intention to recommend the application of the lunar caustic as an infallible remedy for all local diseases.
  • Now this was an infallible test, as no ghost, whether male or female, can put up with the smell of burnt turmeric.
  • Might does not make right, we know; and no more is might an infallible index to God's will.
  • By infallible law, mental states are mirrored upon the body, but because the process is complex and gradual, we fail to observe the connection.
  • When Dan put his tobacco back unbitten, it was always an infallible sign that something had gone in a way that did not suit him.
  • Assuredly none was needed, nor could any human words add to or detract from that infallible Divine judgment which had so ruled our lives.
  • There she now lies, motionless, speechless, helpless, and hopeless, wondering if the infallible remedy is going to fail.
  • Other studies will put before us from the infallible Word of God the coming glorious consummation and what leads up to it.
  • Such forbearance dwells with one Being alone; and such perverseness we reserve for the infallible Physician.
  • There are three subjects which I have hardly anything upon; astrology, mechanism, and the infallible way of winning at play.
  • How quite infallible himself he holds; This feeling to obtain your savants know; The devil parted with it long ago.

Definition of Infallible

Without fault or weakness; incapable of error or fallacy. | Certain to produce the intended effect, sure.
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