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  • The infantryman threw away his cigarette.
  • One does not think that any infantryman would have written that line.

How To Use Infantryman In A Sentence?

  • The big infantryman again approached Aimee, but the would speak no further word.
  • Protruding from one side was the leg of some luckless infantryman who had been buried alive by the explosion of a giant projectile.
  • The infantryman in the front line is trailed by risk for the greater part of twenty-four hours daily.
  • An armed guard, a strapping infantryman with glistening bayonet affixed to his shouldered rifle, was already aboard.
  • One morning, upon examining the pockets of an infantryman of my hundred who had just died, I had the wonderful luck to find a silver quarter.

Definition of Infantryman

(military) a soldier employed in an infantry role
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